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20 Things You’ll Understand if You Were a Diehard Jonas Brothers Fan

In the blissful days of my youth when I was a brace-faced tween who would write on her Converse with Sharpies and wear glittery lip gloss, The Jonas Brothers were my all-time favourite band. If you were also a major Jo Bros obsessed fan, then you’ll probably relate to the points on this list!

1. You were a loud and proud member of their exclusive online fan club, Team Jonas

2. You definitely had a favourite Jonas Brother and would argue with your friends over who would marry who if you both liked the same one 

In case you were wondering, mine was and still is, Nick.

3. You were in love with Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience and probably owned it on DVD and watched it repeatedly

Is there anything more simultaneously amazing and embarrassing than Kevin’s dance moves?

4. You were glued to the TV when Camp Rock aired for the first time on Disney Channel


5. You definitely owned an excessive amount of JB merch

6. Your bedroom was plastered with those pull-out posters from teen magazines

7. You had copies of all of their albums and you knew all the words to each song, even the more obscure ones

8. Including the rap by their bodyguard Big Rob, in the ultimate classic, Burnin’ Up

9. You saw them in concert at least once and dreamed of sitting in the front row

(You also definitely owned this shirt if you saw them in 2009)

10. You religiously watched every episode of Jonas and Jonas L.A.

11. You secretly wished that Demi and Joe could have gone the distance

I’m happy he’s engaged to Sophie Turner and everything, but his chemistry with Demi in Camp Rock 1 and 2 was undeniable.

12. You thought Joe’s Single Ladies video was both hilarious and somehow also sexy

Maybe it was the bodysuit, who knows.

13. You still know all of the lyrics to Bounce

Truly iconic.

14. You vividly remember when they participated against each other in the Disney Games

15. Part of your heart broke when you found out the band was breaking up

16. You can tell what year a picture of them is from, just by one of their many haircuts

17. You couldn’t believe that they somehow managed to get more attractive than they were in 2005

Not gonna lie, I follow them all on Instagram and continue to admire their transformation from teenybopper boy band bros wearing purity rings, to this, this and this

18. But you’re still super proud of each of them, even if you don’t really pay attention to whatever the hell it is that Kevin is doing

All I know is that Kevin had a reality show and has kids now, so good for him.

19. You’re low-key hoping that the rumours about them getting back together are true, so you can see them in concert again

20. At the end of the day, love for The Jonas Brothers never really dies

Emily Waitson

Wilfrid Laurier '20

Emily is a twenty-something fourth-year student majoring in English and History. She has a passion for writing, internet-famous cats, and sappy books.
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