16 Ways to Celebrate National Mean Girls Day

It’s October 3, grool. 

1. Wear pink.  

It may not be Wednesday, but wear pink anyways! Because that’s just like the rules of feminism.

2.  Have safe sex. 

Just don’t make out with a hot dog, not even one time.

3. With a guy or a girl, whatever you’re into!

Your hair looks sexy pushed back.

4. Set a new trend.  

Because you are fabulous.

5. Study hard.

Midterms always fall on Halloween week.  Life ruiner. 

6. Let your mom know how great she is. 

So you agree? You think you’re really pretty.

7. Plan your Halloween costume.

Her wig might be made out of someone’s mom’s chest hair.

8.  And be the sexiest mouse that anyone has ever seen.​

It’s a girl’s world.

9. Eat all the carbs you want.

Don’t go to Taco Bell.

10. But also drink your cranberry cocktail.

But did you drink awesome shooters?

11.  Bake a cake and be happy.

This girl is literally goals. Burn books are off limits!

12.  Go out. 

We all know you’re not really sick Karen.

13. Treat yo’ self.

You could try Sears.

14. Share your juicy secrets with your gal pals.

You can’t help that you’re so popular.

15. Wear that vintage skirt, because despite what Regina said, Fetch. Is. Happening. 

Also wear those hoop earrings, they’re not her thing anymore. 

16.  Support your friends,  Tell someone they’re pretty and never victimize another woman.  Realize that you can be anything that you want to be.  

Keep it real.

Happy Mean Girls Day!