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When beginning your first semester at college there are many things that may seem intimidating, especially when moving away from home. Adjusting to a new space and living with a roommate may seem stressful, however, it is not as terrifying as it seems. There are many tips that can lead you on the path to being a great roommate.

Remember to Communicate

Creating an open channel of communication with your roommate is essential to having a thriving relationship. If they do something that upsets you, don’t be afraid to share how you’re feeling. In the end, you’ll feel much better getting anything that’s bothering you off your chest and you’d hope they’d do the same for you. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with leaving a note if face to face confrontations make you feel uncomfortable. Your roomie will also appreciate being updated on your schedule. If you’re not planning on returning to the room that night, shooting them a text keeps them from wondering where you are late at night. Sure they’re not your parents and it may seem silly, but they’ll for sure be curious about what you’re up to!

Respect your Roomie

There are many ways that you can show you respect your new roommate and being mindful of them in regards to cleanliness, guests, personal possessions is critical. Chances are neither of you will be a huge fan of chores, but that’s okay! By taking turns doing dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping, etc. you’ll find that you’ll be much happier with your living situation. It may be helpful to keep a tally on a fridge wipe board to keep track of who’s turn it is, you’ll both feel much more obligated to keep up with your end of the tasks if they’re written down. Also, keep in mind that your side of the room should generally be just as tidy as theirs. It’s also critical to recognize that your room is a shared space. Don’t forget to give your roommate a heads up if you’re planning on having a friend over, and be sure to give them space. In short, it all comes back to the golden rule: treat others as you’d like to be treated. 

Reduce Stress by Being Thoughtful

We all could use a little extra support sometimes, and your roommate is no different. If you know that they’re stressed about an upcoming test, you could give them some space to study or leave them a note to encourage them. Small acts of kindness will go a long way in building a good relationship. 

Radiate Friendliness

While you don’t have to be friends with your roomie, it for sure makes your life much more fun! Building a relationship can be simple if you put forward effort. If you’re leaving to get a late night snack, invite your roommate along. It’s a short, no stress way to bond with them. Making your roommate your first friend can be extremely helpful in branching out and making new friends, you’ll feel much more confident attending an on campus event if you bring them along!

Overall, being a great roommate isn’t too hard. It’s all about being considerate of one another. If you follow these tips, you’ll for sure be an amazing roommate and more than likely see some reciprocation. Take advantage of the possibility you may be living with your new life long friend! 

Hello readers, My name is Kylee Gregg and I am beyond excited to be joining Her Campus! As a first generation college student, I feel obligated to excel and make an impact. There is a certain strength that you feel as a woman, and it is essential to empower others. My goal is to uplift others with the power of words, and I strive to motivate readers.
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