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A Letter to the Girl Who Wants to Go Greek

When I chose my sorority nearly four years ago, I did not realize the impact it would have on me today.

I gained a group of women who support me in my endeavors, connected with people in different chapters and created bonds that I hold dearly. I was challenged as not only a leader, but as a black woman as well.

I joined Delta Gamma Fraternity in the Fall of 2016. I had just transferred from another university, and experienced how it felt to be the only one in the room.

Before joining, I did my research. I knew Greek Life was for me and I was actually interested in the Multicultural Greek Council before committing. 

Multicultural Greek Council felt and looked like home. I was comfortable the moment I walked into their orientation. 

I saw people who looked like me, I felt seen. Multicultural Greek Organizations are an important part of my university. 

They are home to 14 powerful chapters. This includes the Divine 9, Latinx-founded chapters, Asian-founded chapters, and now the first Muslim Sorority in the state of Kansas.

Multicultural Greek Council is a home to everyone.

After going to the orientation, I knew what I wanted to do. I did not know which chapter was right for me, but I knew that I wanted to be apart of something greater.

That was, until I caught up with an old friend who suggested I try formal recruitment for the Panhellenic Council. She was a young black woman who chartered one of the newer Panhellenic chapters on campus.

I was curious why she chose Panhellenic and not Multicultural Greek Council. She told me it was just something you had to try for yourself.

I took her advice. I signed up for formal recruitment. When I entered the orientation, I was the only black woman in the room.

It was uncomfortable, intimidating. 

I decided to challenge myself and try. I told myself if I didn’t end up enjoying it, I could go somewhere else. I made the decision to lean into discomfort and try something new.

It was exhausting and it was hard. 

I made my decision based on my personal values.

I wanted to serve and give back, I wanted to be challenged as a leader, and I was passionate about diversity and social activism. 

I spoke to powerful women in Delta Gamma, many of whom remain my champions today.

I chose my sorority because of my values, but I stayed because of the dedication the women put in. My sisters choose to listen and lean into discomfort, they love genuinely.

I chose Greek life because I wanted to be a part of something greater, but I stayed because of the support of my friends; the support of champions in Multicultural Greek Council.

If you are thinking of going Greek, I would consider organizations based on your personal values. 

I suggest you research, you meet people from these chapters, you find out their passions and see if they align.

When they say “not four years, but for life”, it is absolute truth. This is an investment, and you want to put in good to get good out.

I am a senior studying Ethnic studies with a minor in communication. I am currently an opinion columnist for the campus paper at WSU as well as a content writer for HerCampus! I have a passion for relationship building and leaning into discomfort, my goal is to challenge and empower women in all aspects!
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