Celebrating Black History Beyond The Month Of February

February is Black History Month, and I think too often we find ourselves limiting this and all it stands for to this one single month. It is meant to be a celebration of achievements throughout history. It is meant for us to come to terms with today’s world and support anti-racist action through education, amplification, and advocacy. Paying special awareness to Black and African American history and contributions isn’t something one should just put a time constraint on- it is too important and expansive for that. 

As a chapter of Her Campus at Wichita, we set our sights on continuing to learn, listen and grow, not just during this month, but beyond. We encourage our readers and fellow chapters to do the same! We’ve put together a list of ways we think are great to get started here…

Books To Read:

Podcasts To Listen To:

Videos To Watch:

Activists To Support:

To close this out, I found this awesome excerpt from the Opinion Editor for The Collegian Jayla Hodge"Black history month helps African American and Black Americans feel connected and proud of their past, and offers a chance for other identities and cultures to learn, engage, and celebrate the widespread accomplishments of this community, but it is still restricting in nature. It is important that those in majority identities make the effort to educate themselves to Black history outside the month of February.”