Wheaton Trendsetters: Sara Abbasi '14

Sara Abbasi is a sophomore from Greenwich, Connecticut with a distinct sense of style that sets her apart from any given crowd. Abbasi is currently studying English with a journalism minor; she aspires to become a fashion journalist in the future. When asked to describe her personal style, Abbasi rightfully used the term “quirky.” Abbasi does not claim any specific style but rather chooses to go for something new each day; she draws influence from sites such as Tumblr and various street style blogs. Abbasi is very much involved with fashion, not only is she a model, she also actively runs the Wheaton College section of collegefashionista.com. In addition, Abbassi is the proud owner of a YouTube channel based around beauty and makeup (sarrbasi)--an industry she adores more than that of fashion. It is hard to miss this chic and hip fashionista around campus, she constantly dons the most visually appealing attires.