The Man of Dance Company: Andy Jamieson

Campus leader and Dance Company Pro Andy Jamieson takes leaps inside and outside of the classroom. Andy, a Stanford, Connecticut native, is a junior at Wheaton majoring in Psychology and minoring in legal studies.
On campus he is a Senior Preceptor, a campus tour guide, member of Dance Company and Dance Collective, a Relay For Life committee member, and a PA for the College Hearing Board. How does Andy manage?
“A lot of coffee” he says, “and a really organized schedule.”
He began dancing at age 4 and it became not just a hobby, but a passion.  Andy realized he wanted to pursue dancing his freshman year of high school. He explains, “That’s when I started dancing at the pre-professional level.”
When asked about his commitment to dance after Wheaton, Andy vows, “dance will always be part of my life—but not professionally.”