Fall Fitness: ABs for Every Season and Holiday

The sexy Halloween season is done and gone, but those extra scary calories and pounds are still here to stay. But staying fit and looking your best does not have to be done only for holidays or special events. Here are some easy to do Ab routines that will keep you looking slim and sexy year round!!  

I would suggest doing 2x6 or 10 of each exercise depending on your fitness level.

2= number of sets, 6= number of times you perform the exercises within each set 
Ex: 2x6 sit ups, you would do 6 sit up, for one set, then do 6 more to complete the second set.

Remember: Breath slowly throughout each exercise, take breaks when needed, and STOP if something starts to bother you.

Russian Twist with Legs: Targets Lower back, Core and Sides (aka love handles). 


Place your legs parallel to your body on a stable wall so that you are in a sitting chair position.

2ndGrab a flat weight and turn your body in the direction that you are holding the plate.

3rdWhile you in this position squeeze your core tight and focus on keeping yourself upright by using just your core (Abs). 

4thSlowly lift the plate and bring it to your opposite side while keeping your upper body off of the ground and squeezing in your core (Abs). 

This is the advancedversion of the Russian twist with legs. While keeping your feet crossed and elevated from the ground.Move the plate slowly on both sides of your body.Make sure to squeeze your core (Abs) in tight and keep your back straight

Weighted Crunches: Targets Lower back, Core and Arms

This exercise is easy is a more technical way of doing crunches, but its very affective 
1stLay on your back in the sit up position while holding a flat plate at arms length so that you can look through the hole of the flat plate.

2ndSqueezing your core (Abs) in tightly, and lift yourself slowly off of the ground using your lower abs.

REMEMBER to keep your back straight, arms extended away from you, and use the hole of the plate as your focus point. 
Single Leg Jack Knives: Targets Core, Legs (Inner and outer legs)

1stPlace one leg on the ground with your toes pointing up, then lift the opposite leg in the air and slowly lay back on the ground with your hands above your head.
2ndWith your hands above your head, squeeze your core (Abs) in tight and slowly lift your upper body off of the ground until you leg is in between your stretched out arms
3rdWhile in this position you should extend your arms forward so that your elbows go past your knees.  To get your elbows past your knees you must use your lower abs to push you forward.
4thAfter you reach past your knees with your elbow slowly bring your body back into the starting position. Your hands should be above you head and your feet should be separated.