Student Fashion Designer Inspired By The Opposite of The Perfect Image

I created a catwalk to raise awareness of the negative representation of women in the media three years ago. I challenged the medias idea of 'the perfect body' by creating a range of garments and used curvaceous women to model them.  It was a success and it was after this that motivated me to start up my own line. 'Greatness Unnecessary' is a paraphrase of my name in Farsi, design runs in my family as my dad and uncle once had an interior design shop on Margaret Street. My family have been so supportive of my ambition of using fashion to help make a difference and promote self-confidence.

The meaning behind Greatness Unnecessary is very personal to me, I thought of it at a time when I didn't believe in myself, much like the episode of One Tree Hill where they have to take a picture that reflects them, and the photo that Sophia bush creates is something that inspired me to do the same.  

I wouldn't want anyone to feel undermined, not good enough, because you are priceless. Much like the Shakespeare quote "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." This quote sums up greatness unnecessary. Now I create personalised shirts with my slogan and sell them. It gives me such a pleasure seeing people wear my designs. I have had people Tweet and Instagram me messages of them wearing my collection writing thanks and what it means to them, this is beyond incredible for me, knowing alone that the message has been received and has helped them in some form.

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