14 Benedict Cumberbatch Moments That Will Make You Forget Valentine's Day

Who can resist Benedict Cumberbatch? Whether he's being super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes, Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, or just kicking butt with all of his awards, this man has managed to charm the heart of every living woman who watches him. In case you thought that Valentine's Day would be a drab affair, we've compiled a bunch of spectacular gifs of the one and only "thinking lady's crumpet" for all you single (or taken, who says you lot can't have fun?!) gals.

1. Imagine this at your doorstep on Valentine's Day

2. Don't think you could handle that adorable face? Too bad! You never know what he has planned

3. The best thing about him is his incredible modesty

4. Doesn't mean he doesn't know how to turn up the heat when he needs to

5. Not convinced?

6. You can rest assured that wherever he'd take you to Valentine's Day, you would be entertained

7. But even if you don't end up going out, he's perfectly okay with staying in

8. He's always prepared to make a grand entrance with one turn

9/  And he's capable of looking good no matter how ridiculous the outfit

10. Having ex problems? Boyfriend getting you down?

11. He knows how to make a girl feel special

12. Maybe he's musically talented... who knows?

13. All you need to know is:

14. Happy Valentine's Day!