10 Ways You're Procrastinating For Finals (As Told By Friends)

We've all been there semester after semester. You think 10 days is more than enough time to study for a final so you watch that episode of The Big Bang Theory, which suddenly turns into a marathon event. Before you know it, you have two days till your final and case study is due and you're writing an article instead. How do we do this year after year? Let's see what the friends have to say.

1. You're a firm believer of Procrasticleaning, which means you'd rather clean your whole house than write a paper

2. You end up ordering way too much take out and eating it in one sitting

3. You end searching for new methods of recreation, much to your mate's chagrin

4. You sit down and plan your future with your friends, instead of actually working towards that future

5. You come up with insane ways to keep occupied... all in the name of "research"

6. Your pizza bills have sky rocketed like you never imagined they could

7. You hope your friends could offer your some solace, maybe even advice

8. You realize you're on the verge of losing all hope studying for that language final at this point

9. You're reaching the point where you don't regret a single moment of what you did (well not really, but what can you do at this point?)

10. You begin to wonder if your lack of motivation is going have to dire effects on your future

Ah well, grab a friend because it's gonna be a long ride