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Your Pre-Finals’ Grind, as Told by the 2017 Oscars

Even if you didn’t see the 89th Academy Awards this year, you probably heard about them: the controversy surrounding Casey Affleck’s Best Actor win, the Jimmy Kimmel vs Matt Damon feuds, and of course the dramatic finale triggered by an unbelievable mix-up between La La Land and Moonlight for Best Picture. Here are some GIFs from the memorable night that perfectly describe you during the post-reading week, pre-finals grind:


Deciding between watching another episode or finally starting your term paper.



Watching your prof call out an overachiever for asking questions about the final exam five weeks early.



Breaking it down at Ceeps, pretending you don’t have three essays due next week.



When the prof is still taking attendance in mid-March.



Going outside for the first time in two days and realizing the hot weather has turned into a snowstorm.



When your hands are so sore from midterms that you’ve lost basic motor skills.



Hearing the prof say your final isn’t cumulative.



The Monday after prepping for three midterms and writing an essay.



When someone asks if you’ve started studying for finals yet.



When your prof makes a bad joke but you want that good grade.



Trying to get those last minute participation marks by repeating the same point again.



Getting ready to roast your prof on course evaluation day.



When someone tells you that you don’t have time to attend all the last minute parties.



Finding out that someone found practice exams.



Looking at your bank balance nearing the end of the term.



And finally, realizing that summer is finally within reach!


Lauren has been writing for Her Campus Western since 2016. With an Honours Specialization in Media, Information and Technoculture, and a minor in Women's Studies, she is considering careers in teaching, marketing, and journalism. She has a passion for intersectional, embodied, and inclusive feminism, and is dedicated to exploring areas of media culture and ideological discourse through her writing.
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