You Know You Go To Western When

Here at Western there are things that are only true to our school. Things that we may not like, although we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You know you go to Western when...

You can’t find a seat in Weldon during midterm or final exam time.

The line up for Tim Hortons/Starbucks/Subway is 30 minutes long and you’re going to be late for class.


You have trouble breathing walking up the UC hill — and avoid it at all costs.

You have most likely skipped a class before.

Visiting Therapy Dogs in the UCC is a monthly activity.

Christina’s Pub is your go-to Sunday brunch place

You go to Jack’s on Monday nights

You go to Rick’s on Wednesday nights

And you go to The Ceeps on Thursday night

And when in doubt, you always end up at the Barking Frog