Writing Exams, As Told By Disney Princesses

12:00 AM - You've finally decided your brain can't take anymore and sleep is a better use of your time. 

1:03 Am - You can't shut off your brain so you jump out of bed and quickly read over your notes *ONE MORE* time... (and say a little prayer in hopes that you'll do well.)

7:10AM  - You've successfully gotten out of bed on your second snooze... way to go!

7:15AM - You pick out an outfit that will not only look good - but will make you feel good while kicking this exams ass. 

7:30AM - You try your hardest to be enthusastic about a healthy, brain-power, breakfast. 

7:31 AM - You realize you can barely keep your eyes open and down a full coffee instead. 

7:45 AM - You do some last minute studying that leaves your head in a fog. 

8:00 AM - You say goodbye to your roommates as they wish you good luck. 1 HOUR TILL GO TIME. 

8:10 AM - On the walk to your exam, you try to clear your mind and enjoy the simpler things in life... like the nature that surrounds you.

8:15 AM - But then you bump into the guy you gave a fake number to months ago at the bar and it is AWKWARD.

8:30 AM - You finally slip away and make your way to the hallway outside the examination room. 

8:40 AM - In the hall you can hear your classmates testing eachother about things you don't know the answers to. 

8:45 AM - You start to get butterflies in your stomach... you try to keep composed as you read over your notes for a final time. 

8:55 AM - You walk into the examination room with as much fake confidence as you can muster. 

8:59 AM - Everything you've memorized immediately flies out of your head... now you start to SERIOUSLY panic.

9:00 AM - It's go time. You look at the first question and SURPRISE! Yay! You know the answer!

11:00 AM - You're doing great and still have an hour left! 

12:00 PM - Times up but you've already been done for 15 minutes! You've checked it all over and you're super proud of yourself!

12:03 PM - You're walking through the hallway to leave and someone asks you what you wrote for question #4.