Winter Essentials

Tis the season of heavy snowfalls, gingerbread lattes, and attempting to find motivation to leave the house and trek across campus into your lecture about modern theoretical physics… or for the average person any other topic that won’t result in a brain aneurism.  Figuring out how to bundle up for class and prepare for the winter season can be difficult, especially if you aren’t use to the temper tantrums that London weather tends to go through, so here’s a general idea of some good winter items to invest in

1. Any type of water-proof footwear

If this year is paying an homage to the Snowmageddon of 2010, then I suggest that you get at least one pair of water-resistant boots. Try to make sure that they are at least mid-calf high, even though the knee-high boot is a little more in style for the autumn and winter of 2012 and totally doubles as a snow-protector for your legs when you decide to take a short cut through that snow bank that isn’t quite as shallow as it looks, it will keep your feet warmer than a shorter pair. I highly suggest Hunter boots with a warm insole (oh shush, you go to Western, don’t be ashamed, just jump on the dry-feet bandwagon and parade around proudly), but these can be costly.

If you don’t feel like dishing out the cash for these boots, rumor has it that any type of rain boot paired with a warm insole (such as a wool sock) does the trick! Where to purchase these bad, puddle-jumping approved, trendy boots? Pretty much any shoe store. Still hesitant? Don’t be afraid to ask the sales clerk about what they would recommend for the winter!

2. A REAL Winter Jacket

A lot of people go for the Canadian Goose Jacket apparel, and as much as it bothers me to see these jackets being warn in early October paired with short-shorts and UGGs, when there really is heavy snow and cool temperatures these jackets keep you nice a toasty warm. Not into the idea? Try any type of Ski Jacket. Most can be found at athletic stores and these things are MADE for the snow. My suggestion for a good winter jacket is one with a hood to keep you nice and bundled and one that covers your bum! It gets cold in the winter and you definitely will want your tooshie to stay nice and warm! 

3. Wool Sweaters

Now, I might be bias saying this because I’m an avid purchaser of any type of wool clothing… but I also manage to stay warm all season long. If Grandma never knitted you a big ol’ wool sweater, fear no more! American Eagle has some great options when it comes to wool sweaters this season. Feeling really brave? Go the Value Village route. Seriously, they are cheap and warm. Even if you’re embarrassed to rep them in public (though you totally shouldn’t be… everyone is just jealous of how cozy you look), feel free to throw one on over a pair of leggings and pair it with wool socks and a cup of hot cocoa during those days where leaving the house seems a bit too adventurous or when you have enough readings to fill a bathtub.

                                                                                                          Picture Source: http://girlsinsweaters.tumblr....

4.University Clothing

Not into the knitted sweater look? Don’t worry. University clothing can be found at any Campus Store and not only shows campus pride but keeps you warm all winter long. My UWO sweater (yes, UWO, because it was still called that when I was in first year), is probably one of my warmest sweaters in my collection.

5. Mittens

Remember how your mom always told you to keep your hands and feet warm? That’s because she knew best. Most of our body heat escapes through these areas so buckle down and pick up some mitts! Wal-mart sells the standard skinny mittens for 89 cents each… EIGHTY NINE CENTS. Go crazy. But don’t be fooled into thinking that these will be enough to keep you warm! Make sure to invest in a pair of thicker gloves. I personally find that materials like leather (or imitation leather) and suede help keep hands warms and dry when paired with the original skinny mitten.

Another person favorite is the Canada Mittens that were sold to promote the Winter Olympics – they are surprisingly warm and affordable! Check out Wal-Mart and the Bay for a pair of these warm and fuzzies!  

6. Scarfs

Thick knit scarves are perfect for this season. They can be purchased virtually anywhere (even stores like Ardenes carry these bad boys). My favorite style right now is the infinity scarf. They are often thicker and warmer than most and I love how they don’t slide around when its windy!

                                                                                           Picture Source: http://ellieclothing.blogspot....

7. Hats

I’m a personal fan of the hats with earflaps (think Elmer Fudd), they are adorable and keep you warm. I swear my ear-warmth by these hats. Another popular item to keep those ears warm are ear muffs! And of course, we can’t ignore the popular knitted headband being represented across majority of University campus’. You can find these items at almost any retail store.

8. Layers

During winter months I often wear long johns, thick wool tights, and wool leggings under EVERYTHING. Even under other leggings. It adds for extra warmth. Also, check out Cashmere legging – beyond cute and sooo comfortable! Again, these can be found at virtually any retail store.

9. Socks

You can purchase this amazing-feet-warming-life-saver at Wal-Mart. I often find the best ones in the men’s section! 

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