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Why Sending Nudes Is the Best

Let’s face it, if you have ever sent a nude or received one, you know the thrilling feeling that comes with it. When you get the perfect shot you feel sexy and look at it like “damn, I look good,” or else you wouldn’t send it, would you?  So if we all secretly love taking/receiving nudes, why are we so hesitant? I blame the assholes of the world. I am calling out every disrespectful jerk who has sent a nude to their friends.

Why would we want to send our nudies if there’s a risk it may get leaked out? You may have heard horror stories about someone who had sent their nudes and then an asshole sent it to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I say we ditch the stigma about sending nudes and change the game.

It’s common sense that even a baby chimp could understand: if you want more nudes don’t send them to your friends! Nude sharing is based on trust, so don’t be a d*ck. Ruin that trust and you can say BYE to future nudes!

If you are afraid of sending nudes to someone, chances are something in the back of your mind is telling you you can’t trust the receiver. Listen to that voice. Sending nudes is supposed to be fun and flirty if you are scared, chances are you aren’t having as much fun as you could be. Besides tense nudes aren’t sexy nudes, you want to feel comfortable in your skin and werk it.

Most importantly, have fun with your nudes. You have all the power, for the first time ever you have the ability to be the subject, photographer and developer of any photo you want. Don’t just send pictures of your goodies, you don’t want to give away all the good stuff right away. Pose seductively, reveal only so much, keep your audience wanting more!

Remember it is about feeling comfortable and feeling good about yourself!

Happy nude sending!

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