Western On-Campus Fashion: January

On a sludgy winter trek through Western’s campus, you’re guaranteed to find three things: shivering students, construction, and Canada Goose jackets as far as the eye can see. We talked to some of the best-dressed and cozy-looking folk on campus, and unsurprisingly, they’re just trying to make it through the cold like everyone else. They just know how to bundle up better. 



Age: 18

Program: Kinesiology


Francesco Giorgio

Age: 21

Program: MIT

“Fashion isn’t always functional, but neither is life so hey.”

Valli Subasri

Age: 21

Program: Med sci

 “My style is comfortable. Black, neutral... Very Karl.”



Age: 24

Program: Bmos



Age: 18

Program: Med-Sci 



“I’m just meeting a friend. Okay, Bye.”


Age: 21

Program: Bmos

“I just try to keep warm.”


Age: 22

Program: Bmos

Tully & Finn

Programs: Kinesiology & International Relations 

"I didn't really dress to impress."


Daniel Yimmesghen

Age: 20

Program: Psychology 


Mason & Vicky

Age: 22 & 21

Program: Bmos & Statistics

“This is just typical winter dress.”


Age: 19

Program: Bmos

"Honestly, right now, I’m messy."


Allayna Eizenga

Age: 21

Program: Undeclared

“I like to write so I want to say something witty. My friend gave me this thing. I don't know. Good luck finding someone who has something to say."