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Weekly Celebrity Update

This month has been huge for celebrity news, and we decided here at her campus that there could be no better time to launch our weekly celebrity gossip column! We’ll give you the recap on all the major breaks (with all the juicy details,) and point you to the best sites for following up on your favorites.
The number one story this month has been, without question, the Pennsylvania State University Scandal. Since every detail has been covered on every news station in North America over the past two weeks, so we’ll give you the bare bones of the story: longtime coach Jerry Sandusky has been accused of, and arraigned, before a grand jury for allegedly sexually assaulting more than two dozen young boys enrolled in football programs at the University over the past two decades. Legendary coach JoePa has been implicated in an alleged cover up, as has the Penn State University President, among other administrators. Sandusky, JoePa, the President and Mike McQueary (the coach who allegedly witnessed the incident later brought to the attention of University officials,) have respectively been fired, dismissed, resigned and placed on administrative leave. Students at Penn state rioted November 10th after news broke that JoePa had been dismissed, a news van was flipped and police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. The new University Prez released a statement urging the university to move on with business as usual, but until Sandusky stands for trial and the exact nature of the alleged cover up is revealed, the spotlight will remain on Penn State.

In other news, Justin Bieber was served with a paternity suit by one Mariah Yeater, a 20 year oldwoman from Las Vegas who claims she was impregnated by the Beibs backstage at one of his concerts in LA last year. What’s curious is that if the alleged copulation actually occurred, Yeater would be guilty under California law of statutory rape as Justin was under 18 at the time. Recently Mariah dropped the suit “without prejudice,” possibly hoping to settle outside of court, and her lawyers jumped ship shortly after. Other evidence has come out to suggest that Mariah previously tried to pin her baby on an ex boyfriend, and quite frankly with every new development this chick is looking crazier and crazier. Beibs maintains that he has never met the woman in question, has agreed to take a paternity test,  and his lawyers are threatening to sue her for defamation if her claims are proved false.

 The Beibs special lady, Selena Gomez, also has a deranged fan in the news:  Thomas Brodnicki was recently released from jail after charges of felony stalking were dismissed on lack of evidence. Brodnicki allegedly moved to California to be closer to Selena and in a video now posted on TMZ, claims he and Selena are destined to be together by act of God. Brodnicki’s shrink testified he has stated many times that he had spoken to God about Selena and God had instructed him to kill her. A restraining order is in place, but Brodnicki walks free and remains in the Los Angeles area.

Demi Moore has filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher, releasing a statement that reads “As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life.” Clearly Demi is indicating that Ashton has somehow violated those values and vows, implicitly validating the rumors of Ashton’s cheating that have been in circulation for years. Following Demi’s statement, one of Ashton’s alleged hookups even tweeted to the effect that this supports her story. Demi and Ashton have amassed an estimated 230 million dollar fortune in their six years of marriage and have one daughter together. Messy Celebrity divorce, anyone?  

Thanks for catching up with us! Until next time, follow all your fav celebs on Etalk with Ryan Seacrest, TMZ online and on TV, as well as Perez Hilton and TooFab online.
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