The Ultimate Guide To Western Rez Food

First year is tough. You’re in new surroundings, you’re meeting new people, and you’re potentially living with another person for the first time. All of this can be overwhelming, especially if you’re also stressing about staying within your meal plan budget. Here are six tips for eating and staying full in residence, what the best foods are (both by budget and taste), and how to treat yourself without going overboard.

1.     Nuts are filling and cheap

While you’re waiting in line with your meal, you’re also probably staring over at the candy section. Instead of filling up on sugar, which will lead to a painful crash, grab some nuts from the display instead. They’re filling, they’re tasty (especially the salted cashews) and they won’t lead to a headache.

2.     Legumes are your new best friend

No, I’m not talking about veggies, although those are great too. Adding chickpeas, lentils or beans to your salad will add to your daily protein, keeping you fuller longer, and is a great option for those who don’t eat meat or don’t feel like trying the grey beef in red sauce. Here’s a great article on all the health benefits of eating chickpeas and more ideas on adding them to your food!

3.     Your O-Week water bottle is a gift

Make sure to drink at least two glasses of water a day. This will keep your body from mistaking hunger for thirst, and will help flush out all the toxins from last night’s drinking binge. Using your water bottle in the caf will also save you money from buying overpriced Dasani. Also, if you like a little extra flavour, check out the bar area outside the tills - there’s lemon there!

4.     The popcorn chicken bowl is THE best

Who doesn't love a cheap eat containing chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and cheese? Firstly, a popcorn chicken bowl is about five residence dollars. Depending on your meal plan, you’ll have a budget of around 10 residence dollars a day. This fits well within the budget and will leave you full for hours. Plus, it’s delicious!

5.    Interactive bars are great…

...If you wanna run out of your meal plan in February. Avoid getting one of these every night as they add up quickly (usually nine+ rez dollars!). Instead, choose one per week to keep yourself within budget or even ask for them to make a smaller portion. They’ll be happy to do it, you’ll still be full, but you won’t be overeating (these portion sizes tend to be made for Varsity males, not your average student).

6.     Treating yourself shouldn’t be hard

Baked goods in residence tend to be overpriced but, with that in mind, you shouldn’t eliminate them completely. Not allowing yourself to have a cookie here and there can lead to a junk food binge, which isn’t good for your meal plan nor your health. Choose a food you love, whether it’s a cupcake or chips, and give yourself a goal (example: If I get 100% on this math quiz, I’ll buy a chocolate bar). You feel amazing when you self-reward and it’ll help keep you from buying too much.