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Tyler Richardson

Meet our first Campus Cutie of the year, Tyler Richardson. 

Program: Fourth year Civil Engineering student.

Relationship Status: Single

Dream date: Do you mean place or person? Person: A woman who is witty (a good mix of cunning and funny) who can carry a conversation with anyone they wish. Place: A dinner at a fine restaurant – but not somewhere over the top that would take away from the actual time being spent there together.

Pet Peeve: Nails on chalkboard, roller coaster lines at theme parks.

Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in.

Dream Job: A job where I get to work on the design of something and then see what I’ve created.

Favourite movie: Rat Race – Rowan Atkinson is hilarious.
Favourite band: Rise Against
Favourite TV show: Community


Krystyna is in her fourth year at Western University, formerly the University of Western Ontario. She is majoring in Arts and Humanities, with a Specialization in the English Language and Literature. She hopes to pursue a career in teaching with a fallback on journalism. Fair warning, she is a bit of a grammar freak and as such is a trusted HerCampus Western Ontario editor. She loves fashion, literature, music and film - subjects which she also happens to enjoy writing about, so stay tuned. All in all, Krystyna is a proud member of the HerCampus community and she looks forward to writing for you.
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