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Top 5 Dorm Room Must-Haves

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Okay, this is it! You’re on your own: no parents, no rules, no curfews. You’re living in a tiny room that you’re sharing with another person, but man, you have a lot of stuff between the two of you. A lot of it won’t leave the bin you’ve tucked into your closet – here is what you need:

1.     A fan

This is number one on the list for a reason. Air conditioning isn’t a thing all year, which is fine—if your building doesn’t blast the heat like mine did! My roommate and I had my fan blowing full speed 24/7. Like being toasty warm all the time? You still need a fan; trust me on this one. Point it at a wall so you don’t get cold and let the sound white out your loud neighbours! Get this cute and affordable fan here for $20.18.

2.     An extra pillow

Always bring one more pillow than you actually need – you won’t regret it. You’re going to want to prop yourself up to study in bed and get comfy. Also, at some point one of your friends is going to show up in your room and hop on your bed; if you have sensitive skin like me, you won’t want them using your usual pillow! Grab a spare pillow from mom’s living room and cover it up with this super cute, $4.01 pillow case!

3.     Your suitcase

A lot of people unpack all their clothes and then send their suitcase back home with their parents until it’s time to repack at the end of the school year. I’m telling you: keep it with you. Chances are it’s going to fit nicely under your bed and it makes perfect storage. Personally, I used mine to keep all my snacks in. Then, each time you go home you can bring home the suitcase full of stuff you don’t use and bring back the suitcase full of stuff you wish you had! Most of already have suitcases, but who doesn’t want a matching set? Find a pattern you’ll love here.

4.     Oversized Jug

When I lived in residence, if I wanted to fill up my water bottle I had to go upstairs to do so. There weren’t many stairs, just six or seven, but it was annoying to head up there every couple of hours. Eventually, I got myself a great big orange jug from the store that I only had to refill once a day. It made staying in bed all day much easier! This jug will fit nicely onto any shelf and is only $27.17.

5.     Plates and basic cutlery

You and your friends all order pizza and plan on hanging out in the lounge, watching movies… are you going to eat off flimsy paper towels? How are you going to dip your pizza in ranch without making a huge mess? How are you going to cut up that apple you bought in the cafeteria earlier? Cutlery and plates, that’s how. (Don’t forget the dish soap!) Grab this simple set for $35 and split it with your roommates!

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