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The pandemic has brought along many new challenges for both people and  the planet. The rise in demand for disposable items and need for additional PPE, though necessary to combat the virus, has drastically increased waste production. With COVID-19 having set us back in our efforts to become more environmentally friendly, it is more important than ever to look for ways we can be green. There has been so much change and adaptation over the past two years, so what better time to create some new eco-friendly habits?

Here are some ways we can all focus on staying green during COVID-19:

Order less food delivery (and properly dispose of the waste)

The pandemic has brought restaurant closures and the need to isolate ourselves as much as possible, making food delivery a very appealing option. Though it is a great treat, limiting the frequency of food delivery can be a great way to cut down on all the excess packaging that comes with it. When you do order food delivery, make sure you’re sorting the waste into the correct collection streams of your area!

This can really go for any online shopping as well, not just food orders!

Reuse “disposable” plastic grocery bags

During the start of the pandemic, many stores banned bringing your own reusable grocery bags for safety purposes, however, this ban has been recently lifted by most stores (check to see what your local grocer’s policy is now!). If you are still unable to use reusable bags, don’t let those plastic bags become single-use plastics. After storing them for a few days they are safe to use and are great for packing, storage, or lining garbage bins!

Dispose of old electronics the right way

COVID-19 has introduced us to doing many things virtually, which has put a lot of pressure on our electronics. If you have been left with electronic devices — or even batteries — that need to go, make sure that you are recycling them. Many electronics companies offer this service, so look up what is available near you!

Advocate for post-pandemic policy

When the worst of this pandemic is in the past, lawmakers will look to create policy for moving on into the future. COVID-19 resulted in the repeal, tabling, or halting of many environmental policies that are needed now more than ever. Make your voice heard and help keep our planet healthy!

Shriya is in her second year at Western studying philosophy, and hopes to study business in the future. She can be found watching Suits, reading mysteries, or baking at any hour of the day.
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