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The Seven Stages of Taking the LTC to School

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

It is a bright sunny morning in London, and you wake up after your alarm to realize that now you must take the LTC to school. You let out a dreadful sigh and start rushing to get all the things ready for your day.

You are finally ready to face the day so you check the bus app to check when you’ll need to sprint to the bus stop.


1. The bus is how many minutes away?

You check the app to only get disappointed that a bus just passed, and now you have to wait another twenty minutes before the next one arrives.



2. Is it worth it to jaywalk?

The bus is now coming in 5 minutes but the light isn’t changing on Richmond, and you need to make your way to the northbound bus stop. You stop and question if it is worth jaywalking across Richmond, and fuck yeah it’s worth it. If a car hits you, they can pay your student loans.

3. Anger

You just risked your life to make it over to the bus stop, but surprise surprise the bus is late! This is such an uncommon thing to happen right before you need to rush to class.

4. Sigh of relief

The bus has finally arrived and you should be able to make it to campus on time. The doors open, only for you to find another surprise inside…


5. Bitterness

Once you are on the bus you realize just how small the bus actually is. You are either lucky enough to squeeze into one of the small empty seats, or you are left standing while you attempt to bus surf with a backpack on.

6. How many people can a bus truly hold?

As you pass by each stop students, families and all walks of life start piling into the bus. You hear the dreadful yell, “everyone all the way to back and up the steps!” You start questioning what the capacity of the bus truly is and you slowly become claustrophobic.

7. Happiness

You have arrived at your final destination: campus! You even have enough spare time to run to Tim’s express! Sometimes you wonder if it is better to sit through a lecture than to take the bus.


This is the contributor account for Her Campus Western.