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Looking for something to do this upcoming Wednesday, April 3rd? Well Mustangs, search no further! Brought to you by our very own Samantha Clarke, the Med-Syd Formal Lounge will be transformed into the best Australian-themed party in London: Western U Down Under!

Fourth year kinesiology student Samantha Clarke is currently a finalist in a contest that Campus Perks and Tourism Australia are holding to win the opportunity to be a Travel Blogger on a 17-day trip to Australia. In order to win this title, Samantha is bringing “The Best Jobs in the World” Campaign to Western University. There are six fantastic jobs offered in the campaign, including:

  • The Chief Funster: located in New South Wales, the Chief Funster is perfect for someone who enjoys being the life of the party – they’ll get to promote and cover some of Sydney’s biggest events including ViVid Sydney, Mardi Gras, and Sydney New Years Eve
  • The Park Ranger: those who have a love for nature and the outdoors will love this job in Queensland. As a Park Ranger, you will help out in promoting and protecting national plants, animals, rain forests, waterfalls, and marine life.
  • The Outback Adventurer: in the Northern Territory of Australia, the Outback Adventurer will get to know the indigenous culture and wildlife of Australia.
  • The Wildlife Caretaker: working face-to-face with animals like wallabies, koalas, sea lions and sharks in Southern Australia, this job is ideal for the animal lover
  • The Taste Master: as they travel through the West Coast, the Taste Master will make their way through the West Coast, getting the chance to experience gourmet cuisine, world-class vineyards and micro-breweries, all while sharing their journey with others
  • The Lifestyle Photographer: being Samantha’s favourite job offered, the winner of this job will be able to photograph all the best attractions that Melbourne has to offer

Winners will also receive a 6-month $100,000 contract!

As soon as Samantha heard about the contest from a friend who previously worked with Campus Perks, she knew she wanted to get involved. Being an avid traveller herself, Sam has left her hometown of Huntsville, Ontario many times to explore different destinations in Canada and the U.S, as well as Italy, Singapore, Cuba, Indonesia, and most recently Australia for a six-month academic exchange at Victoria University. While in Australia, Sam was able to see a lot of the well-known attractions like The Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, and Uluru-Ayers Rock. Though she hasn’t been there yet, Sam is really anxious to travel to Greece. “I think after watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, it has given me a strong desire to visit”, she says, “I am dying to explore the country!” Though there are many perks involved in traveling to different countries, Samantha admits that her favourite part is getting to know the locals who live in the area. “There is only so much that a guided tour can tell you about a location,” she describes, “The real story and history comes from the individuals who have lived there.” By hearing personal stories and experiences from local people, Sam is able to gain a personal connection to the area that she says is more memorable than sightseeing alone.

With her bubbly personality, vast knowledge of the country, and adventurous nature, Samantha is an obvious choice to become Tourism Australia’s next Travel Blogger. “Anything that presents itself as a challenge that I need to conquer I will put my all into,” she explains, “I am not afraid to dive in headfirst into any foreign experience, or anything where there is a story to be told.” Even while on academic exchange in Melbourne, Sam was able to keep a detailed travel blog for her peers, family, and friends to follow. She likes to make her writing as personal as possible for readers to connect to Sam on a deeper level – in fact, she says she writes in her blog as if it were her diary. If given the chance to travel to Australia for a second time, Samantha is down to take part in any adventure in order to create a fun, informative and exciting blog. 

Competing against nine other Canadians all fighting for the title of Travel Blogger, Samantha has to generate the most amount of social media awareness and support in order to win this first-place prize. This can be done through liking, sharing, tweeting #getthebestjob, and retweeting her posts (follow Sam on Twitter: @sam_clarkey). The most important aspect of the competition is the event Sam will be holding to spread the word about “The Best Jobs in the World”. Attending this event will provide you with the help you need in order to create an application video to apply to one of these amazing jobs, as well as some “AUZsome” props to make your video stand out above the rest.

If the opportunity to apply for one of the “Best Jobs in the World” hasn’t convinced you yet, there are many fun things taking place at Western U Goes Down Under such as a live DJ, an Aussie trivia contest, a Tim Tam house-building contest, finger painting, freebies, contest prizes, and most importantly, free food! So come out this Wednesday to not only have a great time with friends, but also to support one of your fellow students on her journey to become a Travel Blogger!

Western U Goes Down Under Event Page:


Samantha’s Tourism Australia Page:


Best Jobs in the World:



HC Quiz:

Celebrity Crush:

Liam Hemsworth

Dream Job: 

Travel Blogger

Guilty Pleasure: 


Pet Peeves:

People who chew with their mouth open

I am terrified of:

Needles… yet I recently got a tattoo on my foot with the word, “Wanderlust”

People who know me really well know that:

I get distracted very easily with almost anything I do.

One thing you want to do before graduating:

Feel confident that I have experienced everything that Western has to offer me. 

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Reading people’s minds 

If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Ellen Degeneres, because she is absolutely hilarious! 


Show: Big Brother

Movie: The Grinch who Stole Christmas

Band/Singer: Rascal Flatts

Food: Pizza

Off Campus Location: The Ceeps

On Campus Location: The Spoke!


Alexie is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario where she majored in English and minored in both Writing and Anthropology. She is now a graduate student at Western, where she is completing a Masters of Media in Journalism and Communications. Reality TV junkie and social media addict (follow her on instagram: @alexie_elisa and twitter: @AlexieRE_Evans), Alexie is ecstatic to be on the alum team of HC Western Ontario after loving being the campus correpondent in her undergrad!
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