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My 2023 Predictions: Grandpa’s Furniture and Getting Sober Curious?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

I’m just going to start by saying that I am no expert. But, I am a media/marketing student and I love watching trend cycles, so these are my predictions for 2023! 

Before we get into the probable fashion trends of this year, which you’ve probably seen all over TikTok, let’s talk about some other predictions, backed up by Forbes and Vogue of course. 

Coastal grandmother has been a popular trend in home design for a few years now, with vintage pieces, lace and florals. But, 2023 brings grandpa chic. This means leathers, dark hues, mixing texture, deep wood tones and a preppy vibe. This style is your grandpa’s country club with a fun twist. Grandpa chic keeps the focus on sustainability, using vintage pieces and a timeless style. Even without grandpa influences, the 2023 home style will be a retro vibe with unique sculptural pieces, curved furniture and vintage rugs. 

Mental health has been increasingly talked about since the pandemic in 2020 and it’s still very relevant in 2023. I think with the new career of ‘influencing’ on the rise, many will start to talk about its downsides, including receiving hate and never being off the clock. 

There will be influencers who will choose their mental health and end up quitting some or all of their social media. We have seen this with a few influencers like Emma Chamberlain, who has deleted Twitter and TikTok. Regular social media users will likely follow suit in 2023. 

Since everyone has been prioritizing their mental health for the past few years, many have realized that their physical health is related. Many have realized that alcohol affects them negatively physically and/or negatively and have chosen to quit. Non-alcoholic drink sales have increased over 2022. This trend will continue into 2023, with an emphasis on people becoming ‘sober curious’ which is a new term for those cutting down but not quitting yet. 

Finally, fashion predictions. 

The runways for the spring/summer ‘23 collections were completely yin and yang. Some collections were completely minimalist and classic, just as Matilda Djerf wants, and some were a maximalist dream. 

As we know, fashion coincides with the economy, and the ‘supposed’ impending economic recession predicted for 2023 has led to this ‘capsule wardrobe’ idea spreading. Minimal and sustainable clothing, tailored pants and breezy button-downs were everywhere. The lack of jewelry on the Golden Globes red carpet also points in this direction. 

But, dopamine fashion dominated in 2020, due to the horribleness of that year, and will likely present itself among the economic collapse, not to be too dark. Either way, 2023 looks like it will lend itself to any and every style of fashion. 

Shades of pink and green will dominate the maximal scene, along with metallics and faux leather to enhance a minimal wardrobe. We will see bodices and body chains that elevate the simple corset of 2022. Maxi skirts, and maxi everything, will be even more relevant and replace the impractical micro skirts of Deisel and teeny micro bags of Fendi. 

Denim will rule, as we’ve seen with Sarah Burton’s studded denim belt dress. You can find denim in anything; shoes, hats, belts, accessories, you name it. This goes for cargo too. Pockets are on everything this year. 

We will also see a resurgence of jeans or pants under dresses and skirts as one of the last Y2K trends to cycle back. Peplum tops are another cycle trend we will see, but from later in the 2000s, which is interesting.

Lexie Brown

Western '23

Lexie is in her fourth year studying Media, Information and Technoculture at Western University. In her free time she loves fashion, going on hikes with her dog, watching movies with friends and painting (very simple) paintings.