Keep on Track for Your Snack!

Sometimes, we have a case of the Procrastination Bug. It’s this nasty little ailment where we suddenly do everything we aren’t supposed to do while neglecting what we are supposed to do. Symptoms may include: pulling all-nighters, hair-tearing and the feeling of drowning in a million regrets. Fortunately, it is possible to binge-watch the upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things while keeping on top of your work.

Here are a few tips to help you beat the bug with nothing more than a goal tracker!

1. Start a goal tracker!

A goal tracker can be anything—a piece of paper, a notebook, or an application—that is used to jot down day-to-day tasks that lead to an overall goal. These goals can range from doing homework, winning a competition or completing a month-long project. The tracker is there to help you get an idea of how long it will take you to finish your project, and for you to see your growth in that time.

What you aim to achieve is up to you, but be realistic as reaching your goal, or at least getting close to it, is ideal.

2. Make your goal tracker your own!

Some people prefer using sticky notes, agendas or separate to-do lists. The best part of your own personalized goal tracker is the fact that you can make it represent you. You can design a tracker for each month of the year, add stickers to your agenda to symbolize how much work you’ve finished that day, or even create a bubble sheet and fill in the bubbles for each task you’ve completed.

But the most important part of any goal tracker: the reward.

3. Treat Yo Self!

Not only do you deserve to get an award for meeting you goal, but remembering to treat yourself is just as important!

While you note down your tasks, be sure to include a reward that comes with meeting your goal. The reward can be anything, from eating your favourite snacks, to an outing with your friends, to a night of just binge-watching some Netflix shows.

4. Glam it up!

To give that extra bit of commitment, decorate your tracker! For instance, to tie back to your reward, you can decorate your tracker with sketches of your favourite snacks, or if it’s the bubble sheet, have bubbles that form an outline of said snack.


You have yourself a goal tracker! It will send the Procrastination Bug scrambling while you sit back and enjoy a little something for yourself.

All you have to remember: keep on track for your snack!

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