Jarell Williams

This week’s campus cutie is a third year Western student studying female anatomy… and well, we’re not really sure what else. This handsome man may have over 3,000 friends on Facebook, but do not fear, he’s open for more. Let me introduce you to the catch of the season (who may throw some of the largest parties on campus, but who has an even bigger heart I assure you), Jarell Williams.

Are you currently single or taken?

“Seeing someone” 

*Sorry ladies!

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about you?

“People have big misconceptions about me because the stigma behind a club promoter isn’t a good one. They are usually people who don’t take the time to treat their friends and let the whole notion of popularity take over their ego but I would say a large proportion of my friends know that I’m the opposite. I’m usually the last one coming into the bars/clubs because I’ve been trying to help people get in and when inside I always try to make sure everyone is having a good time whether that’s by making myself look like a goof or pouring drinks to make sure everyone is smiling.” 

* I can personally attest to this. Jarell is extremely giving and very caring of his friends!

What are you actually studying at Western?

“I’m in 3rd year BMOS with a specialization in Consumer Behaviour.”

What is your favourite flavor of icecream?

“Favourite flavour of ice cream definitely has to be vanilla.” 

In what outfit do you feel most comfortable?

“I feel the most comfortable in my purple western onesie. I have worn it to campus and multiple exams before.”

*Jarell has also been known to take off his shirt while in the club. It is a rare but special experience for all those around him.  

What is your drink of choice?

“Has to be straight up vodka cran’s”

*Wouldn’t mind being sponsored by Grey Goose.

Who is your celebrity crush? Why?

“Tough one. My celebrity crush if I had to pick one would be Minka Kelly who starred as Lyla on the series Friday Night Lights.”

What is your signature dance move? Can you explain it?

“It was huge last year, but a signature dance move I always use to go wild for (when it played at the bars) was “teach me how to dougie”. All the fellas would go wild and make a big circle and everyone would join in.”

What is the best way to romance a girl? / What is your ideal date?

“Don’t want to give away all my tricks but my ideal date would be to stay in and cook a nice homemade meal for the girl I’m on the date with. Every girl likes a guy who can cook I’ve heard.”

*Jarell is a smart man ladies! 

 What is your biggest pet peeve?

“Biggest pet peeve is people who can’t organize their time and then complain when things start to pile up”.

What is your dream career?

“My dream is to work for a marketing firm and have a management role in terms of branding/marketing of the firm” 

What motto do you live your life by?

“You can only see results in your life and in yourself by the work you put forth. So if you work hard at something and continue to work at it eventually you will achieve the goal you set out to reach”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about coming to Western?

“Couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. In terms of the amazing people and friends I have met to the academics to the athletics. This school has everything. There is something for everyone here at Western, and I’m sure anyone who attends can attest to that.”

*We sure can Jarell.

When I say… you say… 

Bikinis – “BUM”

Taxi Drivers – “Hate them”

Snapchat – “Selfie”

Popsicles - *Jarells answer was too provocative to be published, use your imagination.

Male Earrings – “None of those”

Blondes – “Like em’”

Sean Paul – “Hate em’”

Fuzzy Blankets – “I’m a big fan” 

EDM – “Love bangers”

Western University – “Best School in Canada!”