How To Procrastinate Without Feeling Guilty

As the end of the school year is quickly approaching, students everywhere are simultaneously giddy because the semester is almost over and filled with hot, panicky dread because school work is slamming us. Hard. This, however, does not mean that you can’t procrastinate working on those finals just a little bit longer. And no, you won’t even have to feel guilty about it because you will be the most productive procrastinator you’ve ever been. How do you achieve this new level of procrastination, you ask? Scroll down, sister. Scroll down.


Watch A Documentary

What?! Did I actually just tell you that you could watch Netflix, avoid the soul crushing work waiting for you, AND not feel bad about it? I totally did. Watching an informative documentary—such as Cosmos, 13th, or Sustainable—will make you feel socially conscious in that “I-Watch-Documentaries” kind of way. While the content probably won’t relate to what you’re studying, you’ll be building your social capital and might even be able to apply the documentary to an assignment or exam.


Clean Your Workspace

How can anyone expect to get any work done with a messy space? Before you hit the books, blast some feel-good, energizing tunes and clear, organize and wipe down your desk. Your anxieties will be filtered into the act of cleaning, so let the methodical cleaning clear you out. When you’re done, make sure that everything on your desk either needs to be there or brings you joy; when you look up from page 30 out of 50 of your reading, you’re going to want to see things that remind you of what you’re working towards.


Read Some Blog Posts Offering Study Tips

There are endless bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers who simply kick studying’s butt. With all those study tips out there waiting for you to come across them so they can change your life, you’ve simply just got to take a peek. From colour-coded pens to cue cards to the prettiest looking notes you’ve ever seen, taking some time to learn how to study—or, as I do, taking time to scroll through the “study tips” tag on Pinterest—will actually be fun because, for a second, you’ll convince yourself that you’ll actually use them.  Not sure where to start? Check out our Tips On How To Productively Prepare For Exams and Why Writing Essays Last Minute is the Best Way to Write Them.


Clean Out Your Emails

You’ve already got enough on your plate; you don’t want to open your phone and see a plethora of email notifications. What’s more, the inside of your inbox looks like the secret part of the internet where emails go to die and it is stressing you right out just thinking about it. As you sift through and delete basically all of your emails, you will feel this massive weight lift from your chest. There is no longer all this useless data sitting there—waiting for you—silently calling to you to read it. As you see hoards of emails from companies you accidentally subscribed to, hit that unsubscribe button and get that junk out of your life for good so you don’t have to do this all over again in a month.


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