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How to: Find a Pensive Mindset

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.


Locate a ceiling, sky, star, jet-stream, or any other object placed above you. Realize that you are smaller than the universe that privileges your existence. Locate your brain. Turn it off (or dim the lights).

Either relax any tension or embrace any frustration and worry. There is no wrong/right way to think; some of the most pensive and productive people are worrywarts.

Turn your brain on. Contemplate your existence in the space surrounding you. Mentally draw an invisible oval around your body and ponder your existence using the basic question words; who, where, how, why, what and when.

Recognize your cognitive functioning as being either optimistic or melancholic (or a combination). Once you have labeled your present mood, repeat step three using the question words.

Either embrace the idea and purpose of ‘questioning’ or fall in unrequited love with the idea that nothing needs to be questioned, the idea that you are small and therefore the vast natural world deserves to remain unquestioned.

Check the vibes from your aura, your heart, and your metaphorical soul. Have said vibes changed? If so, you have found a pensive mindset. Did the vibes remain the same? If so, you have found a pensive mindset.

Congratulate yourself.



Women's Studies student at Western University. I tweet on occasion.
Rida is a fourth year student at the University of Western Ontario and is extremely excited about the opportunity to bring Her Campus to London! She recently changed her major from Finance to English Literature after finally realizing what she wanted to do with her life. Having spent her whole life in the Middle East (Dubai and Saudi Arabia) Rida had no choice but to grow up a shopaholic! Having shifted from the desert to the great ice box that is Canada, she still finds it difficult to adjust to the freezing weather. In her spare time, Rida likes reading, watching way too many shows, stuffed crust pizza and,of course, shopping! Her aspirations are to one day live in Paris and be a writer for Vogue.