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How Canadian HC CC’s Spent Their Reading Week

HCWO loved a relaxing reading week, spent doing anything but reading! We wanted to know how other CCs spent their breaks, and had a chance to chat with our other CCs. 


A week of sun, sand and surf in South Beach, Miami! After, like, a million days in the gloomy dead of winter, every fibre of my being is in need of some vitamin D! Activities on my to-do list include: lying in the sun for much longer than is doctor-recommended, drinking so many mojitos I lose count and exploring the night vibes of the infamous SoBe Ocean Drive. I’m aware that this trip might seem kinda selfish, but after almost 4 years of full-throttle student life, I am treating myself. Spring break could NOT come sooner.

—Meghan Collie, HC McGill


I spent half of my spring break at work and the other half being completely lazy! I’ve been enjoying my pyjama days that have been filled with pizza and new TV shows and murder documentaries on Netflix. I was hoping to get away this year for the break but since I can’t be lying lazily on a beach somewhere, I had to settle for lying on my couch lazily here!

-Krystal Carty, HC Concordia


After spending a couple of days skiing at Blue Mountain, I visited both of my parents, some friends I haven’t seen in awhile and tried to get ahead on some school work. It’s always comforting to come home, even if only for a short time. Although it’s not as nice as a week on the beach or some other tropical vacation, my bank account is thanking me!

-Jenna Steadman, HC Wilfrid Laurier


This week I caught up on my sleep! I’m in the eye of the storm between midterms and assignments, so finding time for sleep is something that I need to work on. During the break I also got in front of my readings, got to see my friends from home that I don’t get to see often, but most importantly I got to spend time with my parents and my grandparents. I’ve eaten so many great meals, including a turkey dinner from my grandma. While I haven’t had the most exciting break, it’s definitely been relaxing and rewarding!

– Bryanna Millben, HC Windsor


Most of my week was spent catching up on my deferred plans with family and friends. I spent the weekend leading up to Family Day with my parents and siblings— we caught up and went to dinner. I also watched Lion: the cinematography, storyline, and soundtrack were perfect. It was a beautiful tribute to a phenomenal story. This Friday, I’m painting pottery with a group of my close friends and catching up with them. I think I really needed this break & spent it well.

-Lena Lahalih, HC Ryerson


I spent the first half of the break relaxing, catching up with friends and family and binging “Jane The Virgin” on Netflix (it was about time I checked out the hit show!). For the second half of my week off, I’m using the time away from school to work on research papers and other projects that are due soon. I’d call that a productive break!

– Zoë Crego, HC uOttawa


I spent the first half this week on a trip in NYC, where I did a lot of therapy shopping, met up with friends and family and just enjoyed life without any timelines to meet. Once I got back, I’ve been struggling to bounce back to my “work hard” mentality as I’m still in my “play hard” mode, so I’ve spent some time really wasting the day being super lazy and unproductive despite knowing very well that the two weeks after reading week will be absolute hell with back to back midterms and essays. I promised myself I’d start my readings tomorrow so here’s hoping I can get all my essays done within the next few days. For the first time after a few months, it was nice not to think about tomorrow or the day after, but now it’s time to get back to reality.

-Jina Aryaan, HC UToronto


The weather has been very spring like, so I’ve spent some time walking around Uptown Waterloo visiting local coffee shops with my friends who also decided to stay in town for the week. I also spent a day in Downtown Toronto shopping and visiting the aquarium. But I’ve mostly spent my reading week catching up on all of my schoolwork, extracurricular activities and sleep. It’s definitely been nice to take it slow and relax a bit from the craziness that is school.

-Jenevieve Ayuste, HC Waterloo


Spent the first Friday night with some happy hour drinks (duh!) with good company to celebrate the start of the break. The first half of my reading week was spent catching up on some beauty sleep and meetings – HC SFU is so excited to be planning our first large scale speaker event in March! The latter half was spent shredding it up at Cypress Mountain and catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in awhile due to busy schedules. Even though I didn’t get to go somewhere warm, it was all in all a well rested and VERY much needed break. Looking forward to summertime next!

–Terri Ling, HC SFU


I was in Whistler, BC for the entire week! Though I have several assignments due the week after reading week (bummer), it was nice to both study and relax in a change of scenery. I spent most of the break skiing with my family and got to hang out with them in the mountain scenery.

-Veronika Potylitsina, HC UToronto


This week I did a lot of homework to get ahead when we get back. I also put some hours into my internship and worked a couple evenings at my part time job. On Wednesday I went to the ice rink for figure skating practice and to coach skating.

~Alanna Keren, HC UWindsor

Ariel graduated from Western University in 2017. She served as her chapter's Campus Correspondent, has been a National Content Writer, and a Campus Expansion Assistant. She is currently a Chapter Advisor and Chapter Advisor Region Leader. 
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