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The Horrors Of The LTC

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

If you’re a Western student, you’ve probably ridden on the LTC at some point. And I am positive most of you have had at least one terrible experience. I, myself, have had numerous encounters that make me wonder every morning whether it’s worth going to campus because I’ll have to take the LTC.

Here are five things I have experienced that I like to call the horrors of the LTC.

1. The bus times are always wrong

Whether you Google the bus times or check one of the LTC apps, they’re always wrong! You never know when to go to the bus stop because the bus will either be early or late or NOT EVEN SHOW UP!

2. The bus is always full

There’s never enough buses running around the busy times. For my 8:30 a.m. classes, I usually have to take a bus at 7:30 a.m. because, after that, all the buses are full and won’t let me on. (Note: it’s only a five-minute bus ride to campus from the bus stop near my house.) It’s always so heartbreaking when you are standing at the bus stop on a cold Monday morning while waiting for the bus that’s already late and you finally see it coming. “You’ll finally be out of cold,” you think. The bus slows down… and then speeds right up, spraying you with icy winter slush because it’s full.

3. Since the bus is full you can never tell where you are

Does anyone else struggle to figure out where the bus is when it’s packed? I’ve either gotten off too early or too late because I can’t see out of the windows.

4. Rude bus drivers

One of the scariest things in London is the LTC bus drivers. You never know when they’ll yell at you nor for what reason. They have no hesitations about embarrassing you in front of a bus full of random people, which is always a great way to start off the day.

5. Rude passengers

Let’s just say one of my roommates was randomly physically assaulted by a senile passenger.

Sadly, we must learn to accept the horrors of the LTC. It wouldn’t be the life of a university student if you didn’t have to struggle with your commute in one way or another. Though, with as many stresses that we face, it’s important not to let something as miniscule as the LTC ruin your day. So good luck to my fellow peers with school this year… and with the LTC!

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