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Healthy Resolutions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

If you’re discouraged after giving up your new-years healthy resolutions, do not fret! Here are a couple of small changes you can make that will help you be healthier in the long run.

Replace white carbs with multigrain

Virtually every healthy magazine advocates this. It is, however, for good reason. Not only will you be getting fiber and whole grain needs, you will also feel fuller for a longer period of time! Next time at the grocery store, pick up some multigrain wraps and breads. You will appreciate the taste after a few tries.

Replace juices and soda with water

Yes, zero-calorie drinks are acceptable. But why not begin to incorporate water into your diet? If the idea of 8 cups of water a day daunts you, begin with simply a cup before meals and whenever you want to snack. You can also try water additives such as Crystal Light or MiO to add flavor to your water and make it more interesting. Sometimes you’re just thirsty instead of hungry.

Snack on nuts

Put away those chips and chocolate pretzels (to be honest, my guilty pleasure) and get some almonds and cashews instead. Not only are they loaded with healthy fats and protein, they are also extremely filling since they are dense and higher in calories. Keep an eye on the portions and enjoy!

Walk everywhere


Before catching that bus down to UCC, consider walking to the next bus stop and catching the bus there. Every bit of exercise counts! You might not have time to go hard at the gym during midterms, exams and essays but you will definitely have time to walk to Weldon multiple times a day!

Get enough sleep

Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people eat more and consume more calories. Personally I feel like I lose my inhibitions regarding food when I sleep for less than 3 hours a day. Get at least 5-6 hours of sleep a day, and you’ll wake up energized and have a lower tendency to overeat.



Shannon Stewart is currently majoring in BMOS at the University of Western Ontario. Coming all the way from Vancouver, she is proud to represent west coast at Western. To get the most out of her university experience, she is currently involved in flag football, intramural volleyball, and various charity and finance clubs. This will be her first year at HerCampus, and she can't wait to share her passion of fashion and makeup with the readers. Thank you!
Rida is a fourth year student at the University of Western Ontario and is extremely excited about the opportunity to bring Her Campus to London! She recently changed her major from Finance to English Literature after finally realizing what she wanted to do with her life. Having spent her whole life in the Middle East (Dubai and Saudi Arabia) Rida had no choice but to grow up a shopaholic! Having shifted from the desert to the great ice box that is Canada, she still finds it difficult to adjust to the freezing weather. In her spare time, Rida likes reading, watching way too many shows, stuffed crust pizza and,of course, shopping! Her aspirations are to one day live in Paris and be a writer for Vogue.