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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

This week, HCWO partnered with the film Fist Fight, and we asked our team about the worst fight that they’ve ever had, and the answers were juicy! Some girls shared stories about toxic friendships, and others about school bullies. Check out Her Campus Western Ontario’s worst fights ever!  

“Anytime someone is mean to me when I’m PMSing, the nasty side of me comes out, and I cry a lot.”

“When I was in 6th grade, a boy stole my baseball cap. I chased him round the playground and then he turned around and punched me in the face. The first and only fist fight I’ve ever been in.”

“When I was in first year, I was planning on living with a friend the following year. We started looking at houses in early January but my mom wanted me to wait until after Reading Week before signing anything. I told my friend this and, despite my apologies, she never talked to me again.”

“I was in a verbal fight with a very toxic friend in high school in which I essentially said that I couldn’t be friends with her anymore because she kept getting mad at me for recovering from a bad bout of depression and being happy when she was still struggling. It got extremely personal and she essentially told me I didn’t deserve to get better and blamed me for her and other people’s mental health issues (when I had supported them FAR MORE than they supported me), so I unleashed every bad thought I had ever had about her which (oh man) including how I really felt about her family and telling her that no one would ever love her because she was ugly both inside and out (her biggest insecurity, even though I didn’t actually believe that).”

“I got in a huge fight with my high school ‘friend’ when I finally decided to stand up for myself. She was incredibly manipulative and a pretty terrible friend. Once I started standing up for myself, we got in a huge fight. But it’s been years, and I still think that even though it was the biggest fight I’ve ever been in, it was completely necessary. I needed to cut out that negative energy from my life.”

Check out the trailer for FIST FIGHT here and see the movie in theaters on February 17!


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