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In the last couple of years, podcasts have really taken off—and for a good reason, too. Listening to podcasts is easily one of my favourite things to do. You can listen to one while doing anything, like laundry, washing the dishes, working out, on your commute to school or work, or even while lying on your bedroom floor pondering the meaning of human existence.

Podcasts pose many benefits beyond entertainment. They are also an easy tool to educate yourself on various topics, whether that be politics, current events, science, history, or in this case, feminism! As women, it is of the utmost importance to educate ourselves on the dealings of feminism and podcasts offer that opportunity. The podcasts listed below range from educational content about feminism to social commentaries of pop culture and life from a female perspective (buh-bye to the male gaze!) and, of course, the classic comedy podcast, because who knew women could be funny??? The selection of podcasts below also includes LGBTQA+ friendly content and podcasts hosted by lovely ladies of colour. It’s time to diversify your Spotify!


2 Dope Queens

This podcast is essentially a recording of a live comedy show hosted by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. They discuss a variety of topics like sex, living in New York and what it’s like being a woman of colour in comedy. In each episode, they welcome a variety of  guests like comedian Vanessa Bayer from SNL or Canadian music duo Tegan and Sara.

Basic Witches

One of my personal favourites, this podcast blends humour with the spiritual, ending each episode with a tarot card reading of their guest. They cover topics like manifestation, sexuality and love, and interview female comedians, artists and fellow witches.


Femme, Collectively

This podcast centres around creating a safe space and discourse for queer femmes. The hosts interview fellow femmes on the intersections of gender, sexuality, emotional labor, sex, healing and energy. If you want a light and fun podcast through the queer gaze, then definitely check this one out!


This podcast is created by BitchMedia, a media company whose goal is to provide empowering content that is a feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. Their content looks at media through a lens that takes into account the historical and cultural representation of gender in pop culture. This particular podcast is an in-depth look into movies, books, TV and media through an intersectional feminist lens.


The History Chicks

The goal of this podcast is to introduce listeners to notable women in history. As anyone who has taken a history class knows, it can feel like you’re learning about one dead white guy after the next. This podcast offers facts and stories of famous women that you may not have learned about, or more juicy insight in some leading ladies you may already have heard of (like Coco Chanel and Marie Antoinette).

Death, Sex & Money

A more heavy podcast that covers things in life we don’t want to talk about but probably should. Host Anna Sale delves into topics such as STIs, money and toxic masculinity. Although the subject matter requires more attention, each episode is about 30 minutes long, so not too long that you feel like you’re sitting in lecture, but just enough to keep you thinking.

What Would A Feminist Do?

Another personal favourite of mine, The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti addresses a variety of topics that are facing feminism at any given moment. In each episode, she talks about an issue in the media and exactly how an intersectional feminist should go about living their life when said issue persists. Such as, how an artist should go about continuing to make art in the age of Trump.

Hopefully this gave you some quality content to enjoy over reading week and on your walks to class. All podcasts mentioned are available on Spotify.

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Grace is a fourth year student at Western University currently completing a major in Media, Information, and Technoculture and a certificate in Museum and Curatorial Studies. She hopes to one day become a research librarian and spend her time reading dusty history texts and drinking tea. For now, you can catch her thrifting for vintage finds with friends, eating vegan fast food, and listening to records.
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