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Girls’ Biggest Turn Offs in the Bedroom

There’s nothing more disappointing with a guy than getting him to bed and finding out that he has little quirks that completely ruin the mood for you. Because of whatever he does, you are now so turned off you don’t want to continue. But like a boss, you do, with the hopes that things get better. Only to later be disappointed again, he does something else to thoroughly ruin the evening for you. Here is a list of things that are turn offs or deal breakers from the writers at Her Campus Western Ontario:


  1. When he keeps his socks on

  2. When he hasn’t shaved

  3. When he has bad breath

  4. When he’s wearing old underwear

  5. When doesn’t appreciate your lingerie

  6. When he doesn’t appreciate any body art or piercings you have

  7. When he isn’t completely naked but you are

  8. When he rushes into sex (foreplay is nice bro)

  9. When he doesn’t have a nice body

  10. When he’s too aggressive (yes, there is such a thing)

  11. When he’s not assertive enough (there’s a fine line between the two, homie)

  12. When he doesn’t let you stay the night

  13. When he doesn’t cuddle you for like, at least 30 seconds after

  14. When he talks too much during sex

  15. When he’s lazy

  16. When he aggressively stares into your soul

  17. When he doesn’t let you finish

  18. When he pushes your head down

  19. When you’re already down there and he’s still pushing you further

  20. When he doesn’t go down on you (deal breaker, I could never be with a guy who doesn’t reciprocate)

  21. If he takes the elevator to the second floor in Weldon, he can’t last

  22. When he’s a lot smaller than you expected and now you know why he has such a big ego

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