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The Funniest Valentine’s Cards of 2017

Tell your Valentine just how much they meme to you with the best Valentine’s cards I’ve seen all year…

For the true romantics—I meme, if you don’t tag each other in at least one trending photo a day, is it really real?


I just wanted to tell you how I’ve been Biden my time, because I don’t want to be Obama self this Valentine’s Day!


Because you just can’t de-Nye your love any longer!


And because you just gotta touch the butt this V-Day!


Let your loved one know that their Bikini Bottoms are the only ones you’d like to be in.  


Don’t forget to tell your lover “I’d love tobangya” as much as Cory loves Topanga.


Let your significant other know that they knock down the wall around your heart…


And that you wouldn’t trade your love for anything!


Most importantly, let your special someone know you wouldn’t deport them..


And last but not least, let your sweetheart know that you are just as creepily obsessed with them as Donald Trump is with his daughter.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


MacKenzie is a 3rd year Criminology Student at Western University and an aspiring criminal lawyer. She is passionate about women empowerment and butter chicken. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more shenanigans: @mackenzievozza
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