Finals' Season as told by Damon Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries’ Damon Salvatore is renowned for his quirky sarcastic comments, dark sense of humour and daunting facial expressions. In light of The Vampire Diaries’ series finale, here are some instances when Damon Salvatore perfectly described finals’ season:

When you go to the library early but all of the tables are full



And then when you do find a seat, the library is super loud



When the prof does a review and asks you for the answer



You’ve been studying for hours on end, and you decide you really need a break



Or you wish you could just be surrounded by cute animals and not write the exam



When you overhear someone saying they’re screwed



“Friends” who never show up to class come begging for notes



When people complain about how swamped they are and you have to pretend to be sympathetic, even though you’re all in the same boat



How you feel when people ask if you’re having a bad day



You read over the exam and realize that everything you studied isn’t on it



During the exam, you look up to the ceiling for inspiration, but really you’re thinking this



Once you’re done the exam, your professor asks how it went. You smile and say it went okay, but really you’re feeling more like this



Then a few weeks later you find out you not only passed the exam but you did well



Or not



And after finals, it’s summer break and you’re ready to take on the world



We’ll miss you, Damon!



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