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Crewmate Murder is Tough: 5 Tips for “Among Us” Imposterhood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Being the Imposter is tricky. I get it, I really do. Systematically murdering your comrades and sabotaging their work all whilst maintaining an illusion of innocuity requires some serious thinking. 

Now, if you have somehow not yet been dragged kicking and screaming onto the Among Us bandwagon, there is a large chance that you may be concerned with what you’ve just read. However, to those among us (aha… get it?) who have been, allow me to impart some fundamental tips that every Imposter should know.

The Basics:

1) Don’t be Sus.

If a phrase were to ever be decreed as Among Us gospel, it would be this one. Don’t be shady. Simply don’t do weird and cryptic stuff. Navigate the map with a purpose—never enter a room without a plausible, non-murdery reason or excuse to be there. Walking into a room to look for Crewmates to impale, spotting two people there and then immediately leaving? The very personification of sus. As a rule of thumb, upon entering a room, it is best to fake a task.

Furthermore, fake your tasks properly. Don’t stand by wiring for 0.000356456 seconds and immediately move on. You, ma’am/sir/enby of distinction, are not The Flash, and no Crewmate worth their space helmet would let that one slide. Moreover, don’t make the mistake of faking a common task. 

Unlike regular tasks, which are randomly assigned, common tasks are either assigned to all or no Crewmates in the game. This means that if you cite a common task as your alibi (i.e. admin card swipe), and a Crewmate who knows their sh*t notices that they do not have said common task… well… that’s embarrassing for you, xoxo. Common tasks differ by map, so be sure to learn them lest you accidentally expose yourself. 

2) Avoid Needless Venting

You know how you like… shouldn’t travel during a pandemic due to an increased risk of infection and transmission of a deadly respiratory disease? Once again, life imitates art, and the same principles apply here; the more you travel via vent, the more chances you have of being found out.

POV: you’re Red. You’re currently trying to swipe your card in admin for the 12th time. Your buddy Green is doing the same. Surprise! An uninformed Imposter who very obviously did not read this article vents right into the room. You’ve just won yourself a free game because a certain someone decided they’d try to pop in for a little stabby visit.

In short, if you’re not venting to avoid incriminating yourself, just walk.  I promise your little 2D legs could use the exercise. I recommend only using the vent when absolutely necessary (namely, venting out of a room after murdering someone, so no one sees you exit the scene of the crime).

3) Speak Only When Spoken To 

As much as I deplore the archaically authoritarian “a child should be seen and not heard” methodology of parenting, I will begrudgingly admit that it does have quite a bit of merit in Among Us imposterism. Baselessly accusing other players with no evidence? The epitome of sus. Immediately giving everyone a hyper-detailed spiel on your exact whereabouts, footpath, browser history, credit card info, blood type and social security number without being asked? Also the epitome of sus. Defend yourself if accused and casually retrace your whereabouts if asked, but it is otherwise best to disappear from collective consciousness as much as is acceptable. Never will I say this again in my life, however, this is the one time in which the phrase “sit there and look pretty” becomes helpful advice rather than old-timey, misogynistic garbage rhetoric. 

4) Admit No Guilt

Uh oh. You didn’t maintain constant vigilance and some soup-for-brains Crewmate walks in on you shanking Pink in the back. Tragic. They (of course) report the body. Should you admit your failings, take that L with pride, and take accountability as any moral and good sport would? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Make like the Trump Administration and lie like the slippery snake you are. In this situation, it’s word against word. Green saw you kill, huh? False. You watched Green stab your poor, dear friend Pink, and then witnessed them self-report the body in an attempt to be slick. Deny and refute until your last moments—even if you’re being ejected into the vacuum of cartoon space.

5) Kill the Innocents First

Macabre, and eerily reminiscent of real warfare I must admit, but in fact, it’s an ingenious play. Eliminate players who have been proven as innocent through their completion of visual tasks (i.e. Med Bay Scan or Trash). Their word is now inherently more valuable than yours, as it’s coming from a trusted source. This is a problem, for if they accuse you at any point in the game, you’re walking the ship’s metaphorical and digital plank. Therefore, get them alone ASAP and rip their little pixel head off with absolutely no remorse. 

And there you have it. Armed with the above information, I hope you feel confident in your ability to get away with both sabotaging and murdering your unsuspecting peers… digitally, of course.  (Note: neither Her Campus Western nor I condone 3D imposterism, because that’s just regular homicide).

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