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Clubs Spotlight: Her Campus Western

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Welcome to Clubs Spotlight, a new series where we’re looking at different clubs all across Western’s campus! Want your club to be featured next? Email us at western@hercampus.com for more information!

This week we sat down with Maggie Gauthier and Alex Hawkins, Editor-in-Chief and President of Her Campus Western (HCW).

HCW is an online magazine targeted towards young women at Western University. We publish all sorts of content, from lifestyle to news to profiling inspiring or interesting people on campus. HCW is a proud member of the HerCampus.com Chapter Network and has been a pink level chapter for the past five semesters, performing in the top 15 percent of all 340+ chapters.

1. What’s your role in the club?

Alex: As President and Co-Campus Correspondent, I’m responsible for handling all business and management related aspects of the chapter, acting as the first point of contact between HC National and HCW, overseeing the Visual, Communications, and Events teams, ensuring National requirements are being met, and facilitating opportunities for the extended HCW team. I also work with Maggie to oversee the entire chapter and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Maggie: I’m the Editor-in-Chief as well as the co-campus correspondent. I work with Alex overseeing the entirety of the chapter. I also work extremely close with our Senior Editor and the entire editing team—together we make sure that the best version of HCW is always presented to our readers!

2. What’s one initiative your club is undertaking this year that you’re excited about?

Alex: This series—Clubs Spotlight! We’re hoping to expand our reach this year and partner with all sorts of groups on campus to share with our readers what they’re doing and why people should know about them. There are so many great clubs and organizations at Western, and we’d love to highlight some of them!

Maggie: One thing we’re doing this year that I’m particularly excited about is bake sales! HCW isn’t technically affiliated with Western, so, unlike most clubs, we receive no funding from the USC. This year we’re going to try holding bake sales so we can both put on stellar events and support various charities, such as Anova!

3. Why should people join your club?

Alex: HCW is a great outlet to share your opinions and get your voice heard. We publish articles on just about everything and we love hearing about what people are passionate about! Have something to say? Join our team! HCW is also a wonderful community of women supporting women, and I can honestly say that joining has been one of the best decisions I’ve made at Western.

Maggie: I think joining HCW is an amazing way to get involved with life on campus and around London, and a great way to meet new people. We host many fun events but don’t have a ton of formal meetings, meaning that while it’s a commitment to join it never feels like it, surrounded by friends and partaking in anything from pajama parties to hot yoga! (Getting published is also a great resume builder!)

4. What opportunities are there for people to get involved with your club?

Maggie: It’s super easy to join as a general writer—just fill out our application! We hire executive positions every summer for each new school year.


Speed Round:

Tims or Starbucks:

Alex: Starbucks

Maggie: Tims!


Go-to Spoke Order:

Alex: Chicken Quesadilla with fries

Maggie: Chicken fingers always.


Fave London Party Spot:

Alex: Ceeps

Maggie: My bed. But not like that, I just like sleep.


Study Spot:

Alex: Taylor

Maggie: At home, camped out in one spot for hours.


Fave London Restaurant:

Alex: Joe Kool’s

Maggie: Spageddy Eddy’s or Jack Astors


King Richie’s, yes or no?

Alex: YES

Maggie: Nah


To find out more about Her Campus Western, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. They are also on Snapchat @hcwesternont.


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