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Brooke Rogers

Fun, easygoing and honest are just some of the many qualities that make Brooke Rogers our cutie of the week. This stunning lady is an excellent writer and is always down for a good time, at the bar and at home. Brooke’s outstanding confidence and free spirit make her an amazing friend and student. She really is the original “cool girl”. 

What is your program and year of study? Honors Specialization in English Language and Literature with a minor in Popular Literature and Culture Studies. 

Hometown? Toronto, Ontario. 

Why did you choose Western? New York Acting schools were too expensive and I wanted to go somewhere that I knew was lively, and accepting of personal expression. 

Favourite article of clothing you own? How can I answer this? I suppose my vintage black jacket with grey fur for the trim. Whenever I put it on, it makes any outfit feel glamorous and different. 

Dream job? To write, direct, and star in a film. And then, use the money I make to start my own non-profit organization. 

Favourite music/song? Anything that makes me feel. I mean, really, really feel. My favourite song right now (because it changes by the hour of emotion) would probably be Sea Oleena- Milk.

Best thing about being a student? Gaining the experience we do, from the people and situations we engage in, within our degree.

Goal for 2015? Self-love. 

Favourite animal? A wolf or an owl…it’s a tie. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Hawaii. The people are happy, healthy and homey. The environment is open and free. The vibes and energies are fulfilling.  The experience of love and positivity is laid out easily for anyone and everyone to feed into and off of.

Hi! I'm Emily. Current fourth year student at UWO earning my degree in English Language and Literature. I can make up a metaphor for almost anything and can also often be found Pinteresting. A lover of literature, fashion and my cat, Audrey.
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