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The Bachelor Do’s and Don’ts of the Final Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

DO: Hold hands lovingly, while starring into each other’s eyes.

DON’T: Call your partner by someone else’s name (Especially not another contestant/ Ex/ Chris Harrison)


DO: Drink a romantic glass of champagne to calm your nerves.

DON’T: Drink so much that your date has to hold your hair back while you vomit.


DO: Fool around.

DON’T: Forget to manscape/ wax.


DO: Open up about your feelings.

DON’T: Open up about the incredibly high number of past sexual partners you have.


DO: Talk about how excited you are to finally be alone…

DON’T: Kill the buzz by talking about how the linens remind you of something your Mother would like.


DO: Say how much your family loved to meet him/ her.

DON’T: Say what your drunken uncle sexually slurred about him/her as soon as they left.


DO: Close the blinds on the cameramen; eluding something sexy is about to happen.

DON’T: Pull a Juan Pablo with Andi… Eeeeees not ok.


DO: Enjoy a steamy dip in the hot tub.

DON’T: Wear so much television make-up that you look like you’re melting.


DO: Tell Chris Harrison this is the best/ happiest day of your entire life.

DON’T: Let the son you left at home for three months grow up to watch this.


DO: Ask questions about what your future life would look like.

DON’T: Ask questions that you should have asked months ago. Example: What is your last name?


DO: Remind them you’re more than willing to move to their hometown.

DON’T: Forget that once the show is over, you’re expected to actually go and live there.


DO: Finally tell them you’ve fallen in love.

DON’T: Finally break the news you just want to be the next Bachelorette/ Bachelor.

Kellie Anderson is incredibly proud and excited to be Western Ontario's Campus Correspondent for the 2015-2016 year. She is currently in her fourth year of Media Information & Technoculture, and has an overflowing passion for creative writing. While Kellie loves to get wildly creative while writing fictional short stories, she has found that her true passion is in shedding light towards hard-hitting topics like Mental Illness - she believes that writing is the best healer. Kellie has some pretty BIG plans for her future and can't wait to graduate as a Her Campus Alumni! You can contact her at kellieanderson@hercampus.com.
Alexie is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario where she majored in English and minored in both Writing and Anthropology. She is now a graduate student at Western, where she is completing a Masters of Media in Journalism and Communications. Reality TV junkie and social media addict (follow her on instagram: @alexie_elisa and twitter: @AlexieRE_Evans), Alexie is ecstatic to be on the alum team of HC Western Ontario after loving being the campus correpondent in her undergrad!