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Australians Vote For Marriage Equality

Australians vote ‘yes’ to the legalization of same-sex marriage after a two-month national postal survey which determined their favour for marriage equality.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the results on Wednesday, revealing that, out of the approximately 12.7 million Australians who voted in the postal survey, 61.6% of the population voted to allow same-sex marriage, while 38.4% voted against.

“The Australian people have spoken, and they have voted overwhelmingly ‘yes’ for marriage equality,” said Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, according to the New York Times.

Despite the majority vote to legalize same-sex marriage, the survey proved to be a controversial issue for those who both opposed and supported the potential legalization. Throughout the voting process, those in favour of the vote voiced their desire for marriage equality and those against the vote demonstrated various concerns such as religious freedom and teachings of gender in schools. To some, the decision to have a national vote on the possible legalization of gay marriage was considered insensitive.

Despite the prolonged controversy, those in favour of the ‘yes’ vote took to the streets to celebrate, following the announcement of the results.

Although the majority result of the survey is not legally binding, the historic vote has prompted the process for the Australian government to begin to legally recognize the union of same-sex couples.

“Now it is up to us here in the Parliament of Australia to get on with it, to get on with the job the Australian people have tasked us to do and get this done this year before Christmas — that must be our commitment,” said Turnbull, according to CTV News.

The conservative Australian government has promised to allow a bill for marriage equality to be considered in the final two-week session that is set to end on December 7, 2017.

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