All Things Gilmore Girls: An Online Guide

Fall is easily my favourite season. When the leaves start to change colour, witch hats can be seen everywhere and chunky knit sweaters come out, I can’t imagine being happier. Part of my annual fall ritual is an intense Gilmore Girls binge session. I’ve seen the show countless times now and know exactly what episodes to skip, parts to fast forward through and sections to rewind or play over and over again. Let’s get into the extra things the internet has to offer that any Gilmore Girls (GG) fan will love.

1. Gilmore Guys

This is probably my favourite podcast. It’s my go-to podcast to listen to on my commute to work because it is just so light-hearted and never fails to make me awkwardly laugh out loud on the bus. The podcast hosts, Kevin T. Porter and newcomer to the world of GG, Demi Adejuyigbe, watch an episode and discuss it in depth. My favourite part of the pod is when they do their segment, “Pop Goes the Culture,” where they take sound bites from the episode of every pop culture reference made and play them in a sequence. As any GG fan will know, part of what makes the show great and the humour so quick is the use of pop culture references. I also love their incessant need to refer to Chad Michael Murray as Chad Michael Muckface. The podcast will also frequently host guests who are either completely clueless about the show or die-hard fans. Around the time of the Netflix reunion episodes, the podcast picked up traction and actually had the chance to interview some of the original cast members and do live recordings of their show. There are plenty of extra videos to check out online.

2.  Rory Gilmore Book List

Here you can find an interactive list of all the 339 books Rory was seen reading throughout the entire duration of the show. You can check off the ones you have read to see how you compare or pin ones you would like to read later. For those of you who are avid GoodReads users, there’s even a list over there for you to use that breaks it into challenges and seasons. I’m over here thinking that I’ve read my fair share, but apparently, I have exactly 300 more books to go before I can reach Rory Gilmore Status!

3. Pop Culture Reference Guide

Speaking of references, ever watched an episode and had no idea what they were referring to? For those GG fans who happen to own the DVD box sets, the box set comes with a little booklet that breaks down each reference from every episode to give you some context. However, for those of us living in the age of internet and use Netflix for our bingeing sessions, here’s a handy blog to check out in case something said in an episode stumps you. It breaks it down by episode AND in the order of how they transpire.

4. Movie Reference List

For those of you who follow the aesthetic world of film Twitter, you are probably familiar with the app/website Letterboxd. This link breaks down all of the movies referenced in the show and the quotes they appear in. As the maker of the list describes in their description, many other GG movie lists have been made, but most of them accidentally interpret a book reference as being from the movie of the same name (shade is thrown DIRECTLY at Buzzfeed for this, haha). Films are listed in order of when they are referenced, also making it simple for you to find what they were referring to and possibly add it to your watchlist! If you liked the format of the Rory Book List and want to see how you stand up to the GG in terms of movie obsessions, check out this link.

5. The Iconic Theme Song

The GG theme song is sung by one of my absolute favourite artists, Carole King. Any GG fan will know that this song is an anthem, and if you’re like me, you’ll SCREAM the lyrics every time and never skip the intro like Netflix suggests. King even makes a cameo in the series playing Sophie Bloom, the owner of Stars Hollow’s music store where she lets Hep Alien practice. There’s even this hilarious part where she says Taylor can use some of her songs for the Stars Hollow musical because it’s not like she’s doing anything with them. She then proceeds to play “I Feel the Earth Movie” only for Taylor to declare it’s “not catchy” enough and won’t fit the musical. If you’re wondering about the story behind the theme song and King’s choice to change the lyrics for the show, click here!

BONUS #1: A Film by Kirk

Ever wanted to watch the full version of Kirk’s short film that premiered before the showing of the Yearling for the umpteenth time? No? Well, here is a link to it anyway! This gem from Season 2 never fails to put a smile on my face and perfectly captures the absurdity of the ongoings of Stars Hollow. For anyone wondering, the song used is called White Lines by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. BRB adding it to my pre playlist right next to Where you Lead by Carole King.

BONUS #2: GG Facts You Might Not Know 

Make sure to check out the two bonus GG online tidbits for some extra fun stuff to keep you busy in between episodes. I hope you learned something new about the show or found something cool to add to your binge sessions! Either way, the fall season is upon us, so that means it’s time to decide how many seasons you are going to cram in between classes and whether you’re Team Dean, Jess or Logan!

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