8 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Once again, the holiday season falls upon us. It’s when we dig out those furry mittens, zip up our warm jackets, and tug on those comfy snow boots. Between trudging through snow to class and studying for exams, all you want to do is to pull out a blanket, wrap it around you and watch Netflix with a hot cup of cocoa.

With all that goes on between exams, party planning, and just taking a break, it may be difficult to find time to find thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. To save you some time, here are five ideas for gifts!

1. Subscription Boxes

A variety of subscription boxes are available online and are catered to those with specific interests. If you know someone with a passion for reading, perhaps OwlCrate or FairyLoot will be up their alley. If their heart lies with delicious food, plans with Freshly or HelloFresh might be worth checking out.

2. Subscription Services

With so many different subscription services these days, it’s easy to have one but not another. If music is your friend’s jam, then a subscription for Spotify Premium might be just what the doctor ordered. Want to watch the upcoming The Witcher series? Netflix it is! Or perhaps your friend is a huge Disney fan. Thankfully, Disney+ now exists!

3. Books

Books are great gifts for one reason: there are so many different types available! Depending on the person’s interests, you can choose from a variety of non-fiction and fiction books. For those interested in poetry or recipes, there are also books for them. To make an even better last minute gift, the books can be mixed and matched with journals, planners, or a few nice pens!

4. Socks

That’s right, socks! With the holiday season comes chilly weather. With the help of warm, comfortable socks, you can say goodbye to the cold. Get some meme socks for your bestie, or a pair of cute festive ones. After all, as Professor Dumbledore once said, “One can never have enough socks.”

5. Gift Basket

Sometimes it might be hard to pin down that one thing your friend may want. A gift basket is the perfect solution! You can buy one, or make one yourself. Throw in a couple of things your friend likes, whether it’s chocolate, stationery, books, or gift cards. It may take a little longer to assemble, but it will ultimately result in a gift with a personal touch!

There you have it, five simple gift ideas in case you’re finding yourself in a time crunch for holiday shopping.

Happy holidays!

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