6 Hilarious Meme Costumes for Halloween 2017

There are two types of people each Halloween season: those who have pre-planned their costumes weeks –– or months –– in advance, and those who are still scouring shelves for a last minute look. If you’re the latter, here are six simple Halloween costumes inspired by some of the internet’s finest memes that are sure to score you some points with peers and strangers alike.

1. Hot Dog Snapchat Filter

Earlier this year, Snapchat graced us with the now iconic dancing hot dog filter that has been dancing its way into our hearts ever since. All you need for this costume is a hot dog suit (available at a Walmart near you for $26.04), a pair of green earphones, and some sick dance moves. Now go forth and dance, little man. Dance your heart out.

2. LGBT+ Babadook

After an incident where Australian horror film The Babadook wound up in the LGBT section of Netflix, the internet ran with it and the terrifying creature quickly became hailed as a ‘gay icon.’ Grab a coat, top hat, whip out your pride flag and take the night as a scary, sexy, supernatural creature that will have everyone baba-shook.

3. Gordon Ramsay’s Idiot Sandwich

For this one you may want a partner to help sell the scene, or get creative and go as a solo idiot sandwich. Depending on your partner’s availability, you may be able to pull this off with two slices of bread taped to either side of your head and a chef’s outfit. If you’re the avant-garde type, feel free to find a sandwich costume and write idiot right across your forehead for maximum clarity.

4. Salt Bae

An oldie, but an instant goldie. Everyone recognizes Salt Bae and, if you’re on a time crunch, it’s one of the easiest costumes to pull off using items you already have in your closet. All you’ll need for this is a white t-shirt, black pants and some cool sunglasses (as well as a disposable amount of salt on hand at all times).

5. Beyonce’s Pregnancy Reveal

This year, Queen Bey produced two new additions to the Knowles-Carter family: Sir and Rumi. While her twins are certainly worth celebrating, the internet was rightfully obsessed with Beyonce’s iconically extra pregnancy and birth reveal photoshoots. Spawning hilarious recreations and memes, all you’ll need to follow in Bey’s footsteps are some loose fabrics or tulle and two baby dolls (or anything else that speaks to your inner Yoncé).

6. Dancing Pumpkin Guy

Last but not least, if you really want to keep things low-budget and classic, grab a pumpkin from your local grocery store, throw on an all black outfit or black morph suit, and get groovy this Hallow’s Eve. Not only will you be instantly recognizable from the viral meme that resurrects itself every October, you’ll also be protected from the fall chill if you go for his iconic black turtleneck.

Regardless of if you were well prepared or caught off-guard this Halloween season, these hilarious costumes are sure to make you the treat of any situation, and trick your friends into thinking you put a lot of clever thought into your look. As we not-so-patiently wait for next October, we can only imagine what fresh memes make their way into our 2018 Halloween lineup.

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