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5 “Must Haves” this Autumn

It is officially that time of year again when the first autumn leaves have begun to change, the cozy sweaters have made an appearance, and those uber cute boots you bought on clearance last year have finally come out of hiding. As the leaves begin to shed from the trees, so must our denial that summer will never ever under any circumstance end (of how nice it is to dream!). With Autumn comes many changes, but the best change of all you may ask? The transition into autumn attire! Here are five “must have’s” for the upcoming months! 

 1. A great pair of comfy and chic boots– You heard right shoe lovers, blow the dust off that hidden credit card and let your freak flag fly while raiding your favourite stores!

When it comes to fall boots, there are a large array of avenues to go. My favourite? The classic tall riding boot! This boot not only keeps the lower leg warm while walking across campus on those crisp early mornings, but it also pairs nicely with both jeans and leggings. Another must have boot is the heeled bootie, this bootie makes the transition from day to night a no-brainer for the wearer and pairs nicely with a super cozy sweater dress!

*One great idea for the tall riding boot is the Frye Melissa Button boot. Pre warning though, they are a little on the expensive side (usually coming in around $350.00 CAN)! As for the cute heeled bootie, a great option is the Sassi boot from Aldo which goes for approx. $130.00 CAN.

2.  Coming in hot in the number 2 spot is the sweater dress!

Sweater dresses are not only a great way to show off that summer tan one last time, but they are also a comfy and warm alternative to the classic autumn look. Pair them nicely with either the cute heeled bootie or a tall riding boot and get ready to strut your stuff while walking to class!

*Some great (and budget sensitive) options for sweater dresses are stores such as Forever XXI and H&M where the average sweater dress goes for approx. $40.00 CAN


3. A swanky Faux Leather Jacket—let’s get real our student budget does not leave too much room for real leather and alternatively,  think of all those cute animals you will be sparing by choosing faux leather!

Okay ladies, I am going to say this once, and once only: the faux leather jacket is a day-to-night staple of any self-respecting woman. Not only does it give you the bad-ass chic look but it also keeps you warm… yes I am looking at you girls who choose to freeze to death while waiting in line without a jacket on your weekly visit to the bar… do not be that girl, pay the coat check fee and look hot doing it!

*A great option is this Faux Leather Jacket from Guess going for approx. $70.00 CAN


4. The cozy and colorful scarf (My personal favourite)!

Realistically speaking, most autumn attire consists of blacks, greys, beiges, and other super neutral colors. One subtle and fun way to spice up any outfit is to invest in a few signature scarfs. Two of my personal scarf staples are: 1. the classic warm colorful knit scarf—keeping you both warm and trendy; and the lighter flowy scarf that adds character to the simplest outfits. As these scarfs are virtually sold everywhere, finding one close to you shouldn’t be too difficult!


5. Last, but definitely not least, is a great pair of leggings.

Every self-aware university knows they have a love of those comfy, black, stretchy things called leggings… and who is to judge? These things called leggings are a gift from god. When buying leggings my rule of thumb is: black, not too see through, and buy multiple.



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