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5 Local Charities Worth Your Time (And Money)

When planning to make a charitable donation we may often find ourselves struggling to choose between organizations. To make it easier, I’ve done the research and created a compilation of five local charities in London, Ontario where your donations would make a world of difference!

1.     Food Bank London

Part of the Ontario Association of Food Banks and Food Banks Canada, the London Food Bank is currently in its 31st year as an organization and has since been committed to collecting and distributing food resources within the local community. In addition to acting as a front-line support for those lacking access to basic necessities, the organization also networks non-profit service agencies and churches with food products. If you’re looking for an organization that helps a broad range of individuals, this is definitely a great one to consider!

2.     ANOVA

The product of a merger between the London Women’s Community House and Sexual Assault Centre London, ANOVA provides shelter, support and counselling for victims of abuse. Through the implementation of accessible outreach services, such as 24-hour helplines and short-term housing, ANOVA works toward creating safe spaces for abused individuals. Donating to ANOVA is an amazing way to empower women facing complex challenges by providing the necessary building blocks to establish safety and stability in their lives.

3.     Boy’s and Girl’s Club London

The Boys’ & Girls’ Club of London is a non-profit recreational facility that provides activities for children and deals directly with the disadvantaged youth of our community. They offer recreation, social interaction and educational after-school programs to young individuals and families struggling to make ends meet. Some of their programs include free day camps, swimming lessons, and a supper club program which offers youth nutritious food at $2 per meal. So, if you’re looking to help children in your local community have access to a safe, educational and supportive environment, this is the perfect foundation to donate to!

4.     London Humane Society  

The London Humane Society is a non-profit organization that has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of unwanted or cruelly treated animals by providing temporary shelter until they can be adopted into a new family. Their ability to support animals and enforce laws relevant to animal cruelty is done purely through donations. No government funding is allocated to the London Humane Society, and yet about 2000 animals are provided shelter and care (including medical care) by the organization. Thus, for this association, every donation counts and goes towards the well-being of animals in your local community!

5.     My Sister’s Place

My Sister’s Place is a safe community that celebrates resilience by supporting women who have experienced trauma, mental illness, addictions and poverty. The donations received go towards facilities that allow women to take care of daily needs such as laundry, showers, daybeds, personal hygiene supplies and nutritious meals. In addition, donations provide access to critical support for women living with mental illness or addictions. By donating to My Sister’s Place, we can begin to elevate women who want to establish stability and recovery in a safe environment.

It’s sometimes difficult to find the motivation to make a positive change in the world when it seems as though the solutions are out of reach for any one individual. However, we can begin to take the first few steps towards a more inclusive and sustainable community by participating in the work of our local charities. In doing so, our individual efforts may positively affect the individuals around us.

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