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5 Gifts for a SENSE-ational Valentine’s Day

We all know how hard it can be to buy your significant other a present—don’t worry, I won’t go on a rant about that. What I would like to share with you is a gift idea that I had thought I would never use. Recently, when I was trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, my friend suggested I do a present based on the five senses. I had heard of the idea before, but never thought too much about it.

If you think about it, it’s a great idea! You don’t have to worry about giving that one perfect gift—you get to give five small presents based on your senses, which you can do whether you have a small or large budget. On top of that, not only does it seem creative, it also seems like you put in a lot of effort. Plus, it gives you the chance to show your significant other how much you know about them. The reason I like this gift idea so much is because you don’t have to choose what type of present you’re going for. You can hit all the bases with the five senses: something sexual, something sweet and romantic, and something special your SO really wanted. It’s the best of all the worlds.

It’s easier to think of presents for some of the senses compared to others, so here are some ideas:


1. Photos

We’re all taking pictures these days, but how often do we take the time to print out pictures of our favourite memories and frame them or make an album? Why not do it for this special occasion?

2. Trip

If you have a little extra dough, planning a trip to a scenic place will certainly please your significant other’s eyes. If you don’t have the extra dough, don’t worry. There’s lots of other places you can go. Maybe the holiday lights are still up in your city, or go relive the highlights of your relationship by visiting the first place you kissed.

3. Lingerie

Something to spice up the end of the night.


1. Soft PJs

Doesn’t have to be PJs. Any type of comfy clothing can work. Maybe a soft sweater or a silky shirt.

2. Blanket

At least in London, it’s still snowing. So, a warm, soft blanket can help warm up your SO when you’re not around.

3. Massage for two

Why not get a present that isn’t just a present for them? If you’re pinching your pennies, light a few candles, get a massage bar from LUSH, and channel your own inner masseuse—your SO will definitely thank you.


1. Chocolate

A classic. Can be as simple as a chocolate bar or something more fancy like a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries. If you want to spice stuff up, maybe some chocolate body paint!

2. Your cooking

Receiving something that someone made themselves holds special value. If you’re running low on money, this could replace taking your SO out to dinner. Plus, you could really set the mood—decorate the table, light a candle and play some music in the background. If you don’t want to put in that much effort you could always make some cookies or brownies—whether they’re from scratch or made using box mix, no one has to know.

3. Cooking Class

Find any food workshop or cooking class where you two can spend time together while ending up with something delicious to fill your bellies.


1. Sing

If you have a beautiful voice, use it. If you’re really talented and have time, maybe even write them a song.

2. Concert

If you don’t have a beautiful voice, like me, get someone else to sing instead.

3. CD

If you’re lacking the talent and money, a CD or mixtape is the way to go. Maybe even a personalized Spotify playlist. You can include some artists or songs you both love, or songs that remind you of special occasions such as your first concert or rave together.


1. Oil diffuser

This is the idea I’m going with. Oil diffusers are really cool. Everyone can find some use for it. Who doesn’t need a little relaxation? Maybe use it while giving your SO that massage.

2. Flowers

Another classic, but you can be creative. You can use it as an opportunity to show your SO you know their favorite flower, or you can get creative and make some arts and craft flowers that you scent with the perfume you wear.

3. Candles

Who doesn’t love candles? Plus, it’s so much fun trying to pick the right one.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So, I hope your creative juices are flowing and my ideas gave you a bit of inspiration. No matter what you decide to gift your SO this Valentine’s, if you put in thought and effort, you won’t go wrong.

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