The 5 Books to Read About College Romance

Sometimes book lists on Goodreads or Amazon can be overwhelming to look through. How do you know what book to choose? Thankfully for you, I read all of them so you don’t have to! Here are five books that I would recommend you MUST read. Enjoy!

1. Love Show by Audrey Bell

Hadley Arrington has life figured out; she’s ambitious and extremely bright. Her dream is to become a war correspondent in Syria for The New York Times. Jack Diamond is confused and content with floating through life. Hadley is very comfortable living inside her own world. However, her roommate and best friend David is not, so he forces her to come out of her shell. Hadley, the anti-relationship, and Jack start a friendship with benefits. But with Hadley wanting to be a reporter in a war zone and Jack being set on not much, how will their story end?


2. Right (Wrong #2) by Jana Aston

Everly Jensen is a character that teaches the reader unapologetic confidence. She’s determined to be with the love of her life that she doesn’t have any time to think about another guy who likes all her craziness. Sawyer is the man for her and watching Everly get wooed is entertaining and ambitious!

Everly is the best character ever, reading about her ability to never self-doubt herself regardless of the situation will inspire you to do the same. The author Jana Aston has written such a fantastic book filled with lots of humour and funny one-liners.


3. Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Scoring Wilder is a sexy and fun romantic comedy that will make you wish you played a varsity sport in university. Kinsley Bryant is an all-star soccer player with ambitions to make the U.S. Olympic soccer team. Her coach Liam Wilder is soccer’s hottest bad boy and has definitely caught her eye. They were “off” limits to each other.

Scoring Wilder about following your dreams and being able to find love on the way. This book is a must read.


4. Beautiful Disaster ( Beautiful, #1) by Jamie McGuire

Disclaimer: This book has very divided reviews.  I  believe that the controversy surrounding Beautiful Disaster awards it a position on the list. Abby is starting a new beginning at Eastern University. When her friend takes her to an underground boxing ring she meets Travis. One thing leads to another and Travis and Abby end up living together for a month. While the story may be a little farfetched, it is endearing to read about the trials and difficulties of being in love.


5. Beautiful Broken Rules ( Broken, #1) by Kimberly Lauren

This book is about the fear of becoming attached to someone and acknowledging that one person has a significant pull over your decisions. Emerson Moore learned this lesson early in her life and made a series of rules to follow to ensure that her heart stays intact. When she meets Jaxon Riley, Emerson realizes that maybe rules are meant to be broken and opening yourself up to love can be beautiful. However, coming to terms with getting rid of her rules is not very easy… after all, old habits die hard.


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