15 Gifts for The Nasty Woman in Your Life

We all know a nasty woman, and when you’re giving gifts, you should make sure to acknowledge her nastiness. Move over, #girlbosses, the Nasty Woman is in town, and she and her Bad Hombres are coming for ya. These gifts are perfect for any Nasty Woman, and she’ll love that you recognized her beeyotch status.

1. Nasty Women Drink Wine Glass

2. Nasty Laptop Sticker

3. Nasty Lip Balm

 Comes as a 10 pack for all the Nasty Women in your life! 

4. Nasty Card

5. Nasty Bumpersticker 

6. Nasty Brigade Member Patch

7. Nasty Embroidery Hoop

This is a little catty if I say so myself. 

8. Nasty Tote Bag

For carrying around all of your nasty things. 

9. Nasty Keychain

10. Campfire Mug

11. Enamel Pin

12. Nasty T-shirt

In the Beyonce font, no less. 

13. Poster

14. Necklace

15. Throw Pillow